An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1508.29 (82,587th)
534 (255,941st)
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Title Δ
compile error: 'head' does not name a type 0.00
why do we increment/decrement stack pointer by "4" when w... 0.00
Recursion in Python (factorial function) 0.00
error: expected class name (linked list c++) 0.00
Are classes namespaces in C++? 0.00
error : module 'tensorflow._api.v2.train' has no attribute... 0.00
Bad array new length error unhandled exception 0.00
Check for balanced parentheses in an expression C# 0.00
Is that true that one bubble (use case) represent an activity diagr... -0.49
Python permission denied linux +0.45
How to kill a process in bash through terminal +0.48
How to return false condition from datatables method? -0.06
Endless loop when using unsigned int +0.23
string.len() always returns the error "unexpected symbol" -0.26
How can I check if a float variable value is equal to 1.08? -0.49
WHILE and IF combination in Python +0.49
Is size of an array flexible in C++? +0.95
Call a class constructor with parameter inside the parent class -1.77
How to get struct address inside array of structs? -0.04
convert a string array to an int array getting rid of those commas... 0.00
For loop within function in Python +0.24
storing 3 values like hashmap using key and value -0.57
Math Menu Loop return -0.02
Shifting gives a 1 at the most significant digit -1.14
Why do people use Nodes in certain situations? 0.00
What is the difference between sys.exit() and break in Python? 0.00
How do I de-reference a pointer that is inside of an array using it... -0.52
Program not printing element at index 0 -0.27
Unable to call a function while inside of a while loop +1.81
concat multiple mp4 files with an effect 0.00
Confusion about sigmoid derivative's input in backpropagation -0.28
Beginner here using c# and visual studio. I'm learning about fo... -0.01
Maze-solving BFS algorithm not working, checks the same number a lo... 0.00
What is exactly passed as an argument if we pass Python function na... +0.47
Random error core dump :Error in `./a.out': free(): invalid nex... 0.00
Why does my operator + overload call my copy constructor despite be... 0.00
SQL query in JOIN condition 0.00
SQLite - how to subtract one value from another -1.32
Is there a way to initialize all items in a 2d array with inputted... -0.29
Conda enviroment not activated 0.00
Getting an error for using break command in Python -0.29
Non-function do while loop in C +0.49
ValueError: malformed node or string +0.07
What does the `var` inside the curly braces mean in C#? -2.01
Variable wont update in winforms 0.00
Specific row colouring in a Datagrid Issue 0.00
I don't know why (*p)=38; returns an error 0.00
Getting different outcome than teacher +0.47
Unable to grasp how assigning True to variable work in this piece o... -0.03
Can I make a Python time.sleep() with a variable? 0.00