An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Umesh Aawte

1360.96 (4,409,282nd)
2,813 (59,784th)
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Title Δ
How to call a function from html button -0.26
How to expand the nearest div when click on the plus sign using jqu... -0.77
How to inner join two tables using DATE clause in DB2 +0.94
Number BreakingDown +0.18
setTimeout(..0) ordering +1.31
CSS - 100vh responsive image +0.81
How can i change the url with jquery -0.07
Maintaining Product Specification for web application 0.00
regex to only allow a range of doubles -0.29
How To Close Java Nio File Write -0.31
How to link 3 drop down list together using HTML & javascript +0.69
Moving HTML with jQuery makes chart.js charts dissapear, no errors,... 0.00
HtmlUnit can't find forms on website -0.30
Using URLRewriteFilter CSS and JS not loaded +0.19
Is NaN a kind of runtime error in JAVA? +0.59
unable to delete excel file in java code getting error as The proce... 0.00
How to put html input text into an image using CSS? -0.29
Desc LIMIT in Query in Android -0.27
Integrating Parse and Adobe Creative SDK in Android app -0.29
Get Video Url From Object Tag using JavaScript 0.00
HTML, set select option value to the current value of an input box +0.19
How to change an image selected from another window 0.00
Javascript JSLint create n elements 0.00
How to compare current date with selected date in android with java +0.75
How to make a single button act as a Start and Stop button in JavaS... -1.20
JQuery scrollTop() function not scrolling +1.02
How do I add an integer to an integer ArrayList in a GUI? +0.03
navigation wants to be left aligned +0.22
Why there's a total index number of arrays in concat result -0.13
How to not switch to the first or last "li element" when... +0.66
how to remove this internal light blue color which appear while hov... +1.81
Json Object in development? Is it decided in front-end or back-end? -1.12
jquery getJSON called multiple times breaking +0.20
JavaScript: Need help ordering my JS "Uncaught TypeError: Cann... -0.30
Why won't my default url page load without /index.html? 0.00
Android Image invalidate in fresco 0.00
Facebook's New Page Plugin not working for me? 0.00
How to close custom made prompt box in javascript? -2.24
How to write an interactive program ( Parameters and objects) -2.49
WebView not working in Android when used with OnClickListener +1.60
Unable to override font-size:100% & font-inherit property in an... +1.46
Google Chrome Developer Tools not showing css filename next to css 0.00
Anchor links to wrong place +1.56
Can I use a Dart interface from manually written JavaScript? -1.33
Disable CSS for a HTML Microsite +5.38
prevent zoom on mobile devices -2.42
what is meaning of action="/echo/html/" ? +1.99
Jquery one issue -2.36
How to call a jQuery method? -2.09
(My)SQL multiple in-depth left join -2.53