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1696.71 (157th)
116,718 (566th)
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Title Δ
How To Fix "unexpected 'endwhile'" Error? -0.70
String replace with 'any character' mask issue -1.63
Possible reducer case after a map function. 0.00
how to use single quote inside double quote while double quote alre... +0.24
Splitting sentence doesn't work if I am trying to split the las... +0.24
Duplicate remove from foreach -0.21
How to do text strike out in loop +0.25
php - get rid of duplicate items from array of objects in php 0.00
Designing a custom file number string based on input +1.03
Get direction from degrees +0.24
Multiple arrays merging issue -1.07
(PHP) Get total hours year and months of calendar items 0.00
Javascript regex: match first 50 characters, respecting words +0.02
How can I dynamically reference a variable key name in a Javascript... +1.36
Making IF ELSE statement with combinations of choice +0.71
JSON.parse fails if the JSON stiring has \n 0.00
how to get all next <tr> data-id on click a <tr>(select... -1.80
remove and add margin based on amount scrolled -0.87
How to get nested objects in javascript by an string as a bracket n... +0.23
Converting Jquery Toggle to Javascript +0.23
after passing event in function event.preventDefault() is not working +1.00
How can I get today's calendar date instead of system's dis... 0.00
Applying if and else condition to add and remove class using jQuery +0.28
Date.prototype.format is not a function +0.24
Find and fadeout an element in jQuery +2.28
detecting href portal number in href link 0.00
Creating a new line after every 8th comma using string.prototype +0.22
Show div relative to it's parent top position -0.50
JS grabbing any text in the dom that has double quotes +0.24
addClass not happening at the same time on multiple elements 0.00
Javascript Date -> numeric vs string 0.00
Remove selected items from array of object in Javascript +0.08
How javascript treat large integers (more than 52 bits)? +0.94
Updating operation from sum to subtract or viceversa depending on a... +0.43
Find string position in url and replace url 0.00
Populating numbered class names in css sheet -0.83
Make POST request with large file in body for PHP 5.5+ 0.00
Make specific character (or class/ID) be the center point of a string -0.75
this jquery not working -0.35
If first function is correct, got stuck in the simple situation 0.00
JavaScript Get values from array but ignore duplicates -1.62
JavaScript regular expression to match French licence plates +0.94
jQuery .append() multiple #id's with one line? +0.23
How to use $array[$i-1] when index is on 0 -0.26
How to select the first child of each element in jQuery using one s... 0.00
Javacript. Return value to parent form 0.00
avoid closing the menu if submenu items is clicked +0.89
Filtering literal object using functional programming +1.89
How to change string img with value on alt 0.00
Obfuscate URL in JavaScript to use in HTML 0.00