An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1696.48 (159th)
116,718 (571st)
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Title Δ
Finding and replacing within a 'grouped' list +0.30
new Date() producing valid date from invalid input string -0.75
How to output message in Python and then delete it in output 0.00
How to serialize objects which members are not serializable directl... +0.22
How To Fix "unexpected 'endwhile'" Error? -0.70
String replace with 'any character' mask issue -1.63
Possible reducer case after a map function. 0.00
how to use single quote inside double quote while double quote alre... +0.24
Splitting sentence doesn't work if I am trying to split the las... +0.24
Duplicate remove from foreach -0.21
How to do text strike out in loop +0.25
php - get rid of duplicate items from array of objects in php 0.00
Designing a custom file number string based on input +1.03
Get direction from degrees +0.24
Multiple arrays merging issue -1.07
(PHP) Get total hours year and months of calendar items 0.00
Javascript regex: match first 50 characters, respecting words +0.02
How can I dynamically reference a variable key name in a Javascript... +1.36
Making IF ELSE statement with combinations of choice +0.71
JSON.parse fails if the JSON stiring has \n 0.00
how to get all next <tr> data-id on click a <tr>(select... -1.80
remove and add margin based on amount scrolled -0.87
How to get nested objects in javascript by an string as a bracket n... +0.23
Converting Jquery Toggle to Javascript +0.23
after passing event in function event.preventDefault() is not working +1.00
How can I get today's calendar date instead of system's dis... 0.00
Applying if and else condition to add and remove class using jQuery +0.28
Date.prototype.format is not a function +0.24
Find and fadeout an element in jQuery +2.28
detecting href portal number in href link 0.00
Creating a new line after every 8th comma using string.prototype +0.22
Show div relative to it's parent top position -0.50
JS grabbing any text in the dom that has double quotes +0.24
addClass not happening at the same time on multiple elements 0.00
Javascript Date -> numeric vs string 0.00
Remove selected items from array of object in Javascript +0.08
How javascript treat large integers (more than 52 bits)? +0.94
Updating operation from sum to subtract or viceversa depending on a... +0.43
Find string position in url and replace url 0.00
Populating numbered class names in css sheet -0.83
Make POST request with large file in body for PHP 5.5+ 0.00
Make specific character (or class/ID) be the center point of a string -0.75
this jquery not working -0.35
If first function is correct, got stuck in the simple situation 0.00
JavaScript Get values from array but ignore duplicates -1.62
JavaScript regular expression to match French licence plates +0.94
jQuery .append() multiple #id's with one line? +0.23
How to use $array[$i-1] when index is on 0 -0.26
How to select the first child of each element in jQuery using one s... 0.00
Javacript. Return value to parent form 0.00