An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1495.97 (4,174,549th)
574 (244,394th)
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Title Δ
Bower error when pushing to Heroku : bower ENOTDIR ENOTDIR, not a d... 0.00
How to inherit a constructor from a sub class -0.80
C++: the fastest way to access specific octet of int +4.03
Regular Expression for input validation -1.10
Form Select fields that have a maximum combined selectable value +0.74
shell file redirection 0.00
Java computer to computer connection? +0.56
Generating and applying random top and left +4.26
How to get a column from a text file using php -1.43
Non-recursive Fibonacci Sequence in Assembly -3.90
C++ Error, adding even numbers +0.02
In C, what is meant by "format argument can be an expression t... -0.93
What design pattern should be used for a global configuration -4.12
Make FileReader read every fourth line with a loop +0.35
remove last two parameters from URL +0.76
Should I access the int directly or get the double from the getter... 0.00
How to check if string has at least one letter, number and special... -1.79
Java integer to byte array Blackberry J2ME -3.23
Is there a way, or tag to use, to centre any HTML element? -4.15
implement methods of an implemented List to an ArrayList -3.12
How to optimize this mysql Query? on nginx and fastcgi +1.64
Javascript Regular Expression for rgb values +0.48
How to use Android REGEX with Pattern and Matcher Classes? +3.94
Comparing Vector in Java -1.73
date input from file and output conversion to file -2.08
Why is this regex for validating specific domains' emails not worki... +2.56
Unable to add event handler function using jQuery -2.10
Is there a way to optimise an array of subquery in a SQL select? +4.51
c# .net form similar to listbox but with categories +4.07
Creating array of Structs -1.47