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1493.91 (4,193,845th)
39,439 (2,841st)
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Title Δ
In Lisp/Racket/Scheme how is it possible to have an argument named... 0.00
Are variables inside different scopes of the same function using th... 0.00
What are the operations to allocate memory in Common Lisp? (in the... 0.00
How to offset in fseek from current position 0.00
Two cons point to same memory when mapping over array in Common Lisp 0.00
How to make a for loop variable const with the exception of the inc... 0.00
Note that wherever a ‘;’ appears in the description of a command’s... 0.00
Read stream as long as pattern matches 0.00
How does the visual studio debugger detect function calls? 0.00
How to print recursive values in Scala? 0.00
Reference to an array element in lisp 0.00
Is there a GCC warning that can indicate any type change? 0.00
Is this the right way to implement abstractions in a C API? 0.00
How to block and open Clients with Semaphore? Semaphore problem +0.53
Output shows unessesary number in C +2.04
Difference between `do` and `do*` in Lisp? +2.38
Can a tail recursive function still get stack overflow? -0.63
Pass by Object Reference in Common Lisp +1.94
Why is my Common Lisp Binary search tree function not working prope... -1.79
AutoLisp 2021 Too few arguments error on (apply (lambda -1.56
Why do my variables keep resetting themselves? -0.49
AWK command reduce YYYYMMDD by 4 years +0.53
How to capture a zero number without it getting lost? +0.01
Common Lisp how trace works during going downward +2.09
Understanding parentheticals on let +0.94
Is multiple-level "struct inheritance" guaranteed to work... -1.31
Common Lisp function to determine lengths of nested lists in a list -0.49
How to execute a function on a specific thread id in C++? +0.51
Simplifying a Racket function +1.84
Common LISP: Make Your Own Union Function -0.15
Overriding special operator using MACROLET? 0.00
Implement a self-reference/pointer in a pure/functional language (E... +0.74
How to prevent LD_PRELOAD on a binary? +1.72
Is it possible to create an array of generic function pointers? -1.39
Header file - Inheritance c++ 0.00
Palindrome check with recursion in Lisp -0.06
How to make a local string variable in Lisp? +0.09
If a new object is created in each recursion, is the space complexi... 0.00
How does the stack hold variable values if they are stored in a LIF... 0.00
How to handle lib dependency while compiling? 0.00
Grammar not terminal? 0.00
Bash: Passing parameters to a C program via shell variable. How to... +1.07
Merging an ancestor commit of a branch back to HEAD +0.09
Why the `typedef` can distinguish the define syntax? -1.01
how does Paul Graham solve the circularity of mac in his Bel refere... -1.26
User-friendly wrappings for tail recursive functions 0.00
Problem with LISP gensym and Let Functions +0.41
Should I avoid resetting "by hand" an auto-incremented lo... -1.67
Lisp - optional argument in the middle of parameter list -1.53
Why this little shellcode works in a C program,but not alone? 0.00