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Mark Seemann

1635.93 (772nd)
189,562 (258th)
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Title Δ
Searching for design pattern to handle multiple requests in pipeline 0.00
Is there a design pattern to aggregate asynchronous file processing 0.00
Haskell loop using recursion 0.00
Use factory pattern with single and multiple returns 0.00
C#: What's the best way to ensure that two functions (2 differe... 0.00
How do you compose _Just with the at lens -2.78
Name of pattern 0.00
Can aeson handle JSON with imprecise types? +1.51
What is the counterpart (pattern) to services on the client side? -0.69
Applicative in Haskell for single variable -0.65
Strategy pattern to consume REST API 0.00
Observer Pattern and Dependency Inversion 0.00
How to make interface implementors that are not sub classes of its... 0.00
Dynamic evaluation of a formula with operatos like Max , Min, Avg,... 0.00
Dynamically Identifying frequency of errors in logs -0.19
Do classes that set, get and calculate data follow the S in SOLID? +1.27
Decorator vs Chain of Responsibility DP 0.00
How to design the aggregate root? 0.00
Pick a random element from a list in Haskell 0.00
What's the difference between 1 :| [2, 3, 4] and [1, 2, 3, 4] i... 0.00
How can I take logarithms of Ints in Haskell and make them Ints aga... +0.32
While using test driven development, should i remove previous tests... 0.00
Design Pattern to make logging available without breaking abstracti... 0.00
What is the purpose of the ArgMin and ArgMax type synonyms in Data.... +1.65
Can I say that the relation between events and delegates adopts com... -0.66
Passing the context around in a C# class library, looking for an &q... 0.00
What is the pattern called where you override the values of an exis... +1.28
Design pattern for adding Code modules without recompiling 0.00
Is is good practice to have same type of list in a class? -0.42
POST parameters on REST api - links or inline? 0.00
Why does Haskell not allow two data constructors to share "Con... +1.47
Special services for different types of models in OOP 0.00
How do I change the amount of tests for a custom generator? 0.00
Is there a wildcard type variable in Haskell? -2.24
How do I test that something is valid for all elements in a map? 0.00
How to access derived class properties from base class instance -0.45
Looping rest api 0.00
C# DI Func factory without registering Func? 0.00
How to create a Infinite List in Haskell where the new value consum... +0.02
How to write this simple Monad? 0.00
Is there any general functor (not limited to endofunctor) usage in... -0.69
making an Arbitrary instance for a complicated type 0.00
Haskell functor implementation dealing with "BOX"? -0.76
Making game with pure functional language 0.00
How is it possible to collect all error messages in the Either Monad? +1.60
String.IsNullOrEmpty Monad 0.00
Integration and Unit tests -0.19
Haskell: Read a JSON (aeson) value which was produced with show. Er... 0.00
type matching error. what cased it and how to solve it 0.00
Should writing mocks for unit tests be in a separate commit? 0.00