An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1520.01 (31,881st)
3,185 (53,027th)
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Title Δ
R Studio Shiny App Error: object 'Variable(carat)' not found 0.00
Use checkboxGroupInput in Shiny to make selectable plots from one t... +0.47
Passing reactive data table server to ui in modular shiny app 0.00
Python f-string equivalent in R? +2.54
Shiny Modules: Handling a list of buttons 0.00
ggplot2 and Shiny conditional aesthetics based on selectInput? 0.00
How to format text in a shiny app using css which is used in rmd file 0.00
Tidy evaluation in making multiple panel plots using ggplot2 +0.39
Update new table with rows appended using actionButton in R Shiny 0.00
Linear Regression R Shiny application with multiple independent var... 0.00
how to get list of class names from reference class in R -1.75
Shiny R: call to a server output using a function +0.48
R Shiny Link Multiple Inputs to Control 1 Output 0.00
Dynamic filters shiny app with equal/common levels 0.00
User defined function checking whether two column names exists in a... 0.00
Keep rhandsontable selected indicator even when there's no focus 0.00
Show a description in Shiny Sidebar 0.00
How to render code in shiny module by passing an environment variab... 0.00
Enable Action Button if Input has changed 0.00
Create a new column with max values using the identifier column wit... +0.62
Shiny eventReactive requiring two invalidations 0.00
How can I reactively update the active menuItem in a Shiny app usin... 0.00
R Shiny - Passing selectizeInput as argument to ShinyModule 0.00
Basic While Loop with If Statement 0.00
Selecting rows that fulfills the criteria of having other rows with... 0.00
checkboxInput value R shiny: if TRUE then 0.00
Shiny App not filtering using dplyr and %in% operator -2.33
Exclude a particular area from geom_smooth fit automatically 0.00
rShiny failing to parse HTML 0.00
R shiny: Timevis output in modal dialogue 0.00
Obtaining user name in shinyauthr to choose named object 0.00
RShiny enable/disable UI modules 0.00
Additional inputs for Shiny module only get updated once 0.00
Extracting values of list inputs in R Shiny Server.R function 0.00
Reactive Leaflet Map Not Recognizing 2nd Color Palette 0.00
How to use Shiny inputs to Filter Datatable that has been edited? +0.47
Loading a non-base R dataset in a shiny application +0.50
reactivity in timevis package: passing selectinput variable to subg... 0.00
Let user edit data table variable names in R Shiny 0.00
Dplyr Pivot Table RShiny 0.00
Changing the histogram colour for a shiny app 0.00
Pivot Wider Custom Format -0.03
How could I use R to pull a few select lines out of a large text fi... +0.47
Communicate from JS to Shiny in a module 0.00
removing hover selection in DT package with shinny 0.00
Using action button with R flexdhasboard 0.00
Ggplot() graph issues when creating stripped graphs 0.00
How to calculate an mathematic expresion reciving values from sliders -0.03
Capture filtered results from a datatable and store it as a new dat... 0.00
How to sum a variable by groups -0.59