An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1567.24 (4,318th)
37,958 (2,950th)
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Title Δ
What exactly does a git tag point to? 0.00
Input fields not responding to flexbox 0.00
How do I apply CSS input? 0.00
Adding JavaScript variable to href value in a jQuery selector 0.00
How can I align nav buttons next to each other in middle of the pag... 0.00
How to create different rows inside a loop 0.00
Fix invalid nested lists with jQuery 0.00
How to denote two UL lists as two different items in parent contain... 0.00
JavaScript function is failing to clone table row 0.00
Exclude a Single file from test coverage 0.00
Problem with logo in a footer of Moodle website +0.41
Apply custom CSS on bs timepicker 0.00
Why doesn't my ChartJS graph work in an iframe? 0.00
i want to put border around my video player in html +0.14
Load video on image click in subpage -2.22
How to get argument from self loaded script inside the script itself -0.68
JAWS does not read heading inside a button in its heading list (INS... 0.00
How can I set a custom text value on a submit input? 0.00
Styling sidebar with main content + sticky header/footer using flex... +1.71
Dismiss Bootstrap alert when a modal is shown -0.59
Adding active class to tabs from onclick button event -0.59
Centering text in a table head cell 0.00
Only show a child element when list item has a certain class +0.15
nav list children forcing down parent list on hover +0.40
Display text over image with a filter using Bootstrap? 0.00
Why doesn't my selector find the dynamically-added element? 0.00
adding rows to multiple HTML tables using JS +0.14
Move iframe into another HTML column 0.00
How can I center flexbox items that are inside of a row? +0.69
Why doesn't my markup result in clickable table rows? 0.00
How can I move elements into view when the window is resized? -0.11
How can I create a hyperlink from a JSON value? +0.91
Adding attributes using closest heading tag -1.94
Does the location of a fixed position element in the DOM tree matter? 0.00
How can I use an unstyled select element in a page with Materialize? +0.40
How to place a paragraph element under the page logo which is displ... -0.30
Is there any way to increase the display time of the HTML required... 0.00
How can I change the value of the onclick attribute if the element... +1.15
Why is my dynamically-generated oval becoming a square? +0.24
Is it possible to push up a detached head in git as a rollback stra... +1.59
refactoring when two functions share some similarity 0.00
How can I have partially centered, partially bottom aligned content? -0.78
How can I achieve this header layout? +0.42
How can I keep a bottom tooltip aligned with the right end of its e... +0.41
Collapse component not working as expected +1.53
Responsive design using jQuery fails once refreshing page +0.41
remove specific values on a change jquery function +0.42
Set class to next column if previous column has rowspan 0.00
Can I use span tags for making HTML email templates? 0.00
How to reduce html or body width with media queries 0.00