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Rating Stats for

Michael Burr

1597.74 (1,815th)
290,450 (121st)
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Title Δ
Strange memory content display in Visual Studio debug mode 0.00
fscanf returning nonsense values 0.00
C++ Operator Precedence with function pointer -1.06
MISRA 2012 rule 8.10 static inline 0.00
Why can't I assign an int to the union member of a struct member? 0.00
Ignoring the null terminator? 0.00
Inline function with assert creates an undefined reference? 0.00
How can I count the time complexity of this recursive function? (BST) -1.16
Deciphering Mangled C++ names $$F +0.37
Producer-consumer using semaphore in C 0.00
How the last printf in this code work? -2.19
PC lint error 19 "useless declaration " 0.00
Argc and Optind are completely random 0.00
basic thing from a job interview - using linked list,arrays +1.19
Why is malloc returning null pointer when called inside a function? -1.00
Two for loops Linux with two input files -3.06
why this code return unexpected result? (conditional variable) 0.00
C++ Switch() Bug +0.90
which PATH environment does "exec env - " use? +1.51
GCC and G++ struct packing differences? +0.10
C++ postfix operator precedence with boolean AND 0.00
Mutex doesn't synchronize C++ 0.00
Issues with Semaphores 0.00
libc++ implementation of std::condition_variable_any 0.00
How to perform arthemetic with ULARGE_INTEGER -0.39
Using macros in printf function in VS2013 vs VS2017 0.00
Visual Studio vs GCC, concerning "'__cdecl' attribute... 0.00
Ctrl-Z behaving strangely when reading input with getchar() -1.25
Why do functions using std::mutex make a null check of the address... 0.00
How to safely and correctly destroy a mutex in Linux using pthread_... 0.00
Towards understanding void pointers +0.73
char *p[1234567] = { NULL }; segment fault, why? +1.40
I am getting an "Access violation reading location" error... 0.00
Which C++ standard is the default when compiling with g++? +0.90
When does the routine passed to pthread_create start? -1.16
Program compiling on Visual Studio 2010 but not on VS 2015 0.00
What's the different about gcc and gcc++? +1.59
Identifying bug in linux kernel module +1.24
C: EOF weird behaviour +1.37
GCC 7, aligned_storage and "dereferencing type-punned pointer... +2.03
xcopy not copying directories. unsure why 0.00
K&R C example for malloc - moreroce pointer 0.00
Why does writing to binary file writes one byte from no where 0.00
why the condition_variable waits indefinitely 0.00
Buffer overflow on socket connection +1.48
Cannot use protected operator== in derived class 0.00
strftime returns incorrect day of the week on iOS -0.94
C++ deque iterate to second last element -1.73
Jump directly to certain parts of a function +1.20
How to avoid integer promotion in C? 0.00