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1682.14 (240th)
401,934 (94th)
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Title Δ
how do I capture a property in thread-safe way 0.00
Obj-C- Add new row to TableView when cell is tapped? 0.00
MultiThreaded delaying class deallocation 0.00
How to cancel the delayed thread? 0.00
Custom shape to UISlider and update progress in Swift 5 0.00
Codable MKPolygon? 0.00
In Swift, how do you get the error type from UrlSession 0.00
Swift Alamofire "+" sign removed from DB when request was... +0.26
Global default value for Objective-C block +1.82
Swift to Objective-C call with trailing closure calls wrong method -1.96
Want to draw explanatory sign using UIBezierPath 0.00
Why can't the event be triggered when the iOS view moves 0.00
XML indentation/formatting in Xcode +0.26
with or without [weak self] +0.81
Confused about Operation and OperationQueue QoS relationship +1.03
Does DispatchGroup wait forever? 0.00
iOS: How to generate public key using decimal X NSData and decimal... 0.00
Introduce background async thread 0.00
What is the purpose of `kCGImageSourceShouldAllowFloat` for Image I... 0.00
How to add numbers using multiple threads? +0.26
reloadData() from another viewController Swift +0.26
Start and end date of next week swift 0.00
What is the difference between DispatchQueue schedule() vs Dispatch... 0.00
Why Some Variables are Declared with an * Asterisk in Objective-C 0.00
Dispatch group don't return fetched data 0.00
Calculate Distance between two Coordinates and display it inside an... +1.00
is reference assignment atomic in Swift 5? 0.00
Trying to use BGAppRefreshTask and getting error No task request wi... 0.00
CADisplayLink Timer Not working proper | Swift 0.00
Swift Timers in Loop all fire at the same time instead of sequentia... 0.00
UIImage Upside Down When Reconverted From String Stored in SQLite 0.00
My function returns empty array in swift and parse -0.72
@synchronized the writing queue makes thread safe? +1.00
Maps SDK Crashes iPhone (suspected memory leak?) 0.00
Contextual closure type '(Data?, URLResponse?, Error?) -> Vo... 0.00
How to disable Tableview DequeueReusableCell? 0.00
Use existing SQLite db in Swift +0.27
Set MapKit pins with different colors 0.00
How to call GrandCentralDispatch properly -1.85
Second decimal place gets truncated if it is 0 -2.48
Swift Functional with Array and a Guard ... Possible? 0.00
Bind frame to superview bounds UIView extension +0.26
Using Dispatch.main in code called from XCTestCase does not work 0.00
Removing only numbers at beginning of sentences in string - Swift +1.62
Ideal value for the URLSession - delegateQueue in Swift +1.00
How can I return customized error in Swift? 0.00
Cannot get the POST request to work AlamoFire and XCode/Swift -0.74
Weak Self in GCD, accessing TableView property of self 0.00
Why do my TableView cells need reuse identifiers? 0.00
How to construct Model in MVC - swift 0.00