An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1472.29 (4,389,622nd)
1,815 (91,118th)
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Title Δ
Jackson Template Property Replacement 0.00
Config error for Scene Builder in Netbeans 0.00
Maven Migration of Legacy EE Application 0.00
Servlet not loading on startup 0.00
Yet another C++ list question -3.33
Populating SQLiteDB with initial values 0.00
Having several people working over a SVN Repository +4.49
Android Unit Testing in Eclipse: "Failed to launch test" +4.33
Constant abuse? -2.56
Alternative to target="_blank" when using XHTML strict an... -0.49
MySQL Select Statement - GROUP BY/Unique -0.90
How to eliminate duplicates from a linked list of unicode character... +4.25
enum with value 0x0001? -2.24
Is it possible to have architecture guidelines? If so what should b... -3.22
What is the difference between varchar and varchar2? +1.06
What software programming language is like Ruby? -1.43
Memory Management on Objects in a C++ Collection +1.34
Improving Shell Script Performance +0.54
Mysql optimization -2.64
Sharepoint Search doesn't work -3.09
What Skill set should a low level programmer possess? +0.22
How to extract data from a PDF? -3.95
Under what conditions does ROWNUM=1 significantly increase performa... +0.14
What are the concepts a vc++ developer should be familiar with? -2.55
How do I represent several MS Visio diagrams in MS Word? +2.28
Why Doesn't My SQL Query do anything? +2.47
Is there any Java function or util class which does rounding this w... -2.62
Using the star sign in grep +0.40
How to get sum slalry year by year using sql query? -3.28
Using sort to rank a column by its size -0.67
MySQL Question - How to handle multiple types of users - one table... -0.94
How can I optimize this subqueried and Joined MySQL Query? +1.40
Why would you need a "Valid XHTML & CSS" notice at th... +2.96
What is the meaning of symbol $ in jQuery? -3.26
how to match something with regExp between roundbrackets -3.22
Why does Decimal.Divide(int, int) work, but not (int / int)? -3.25
Are web-safe colors still relevant? -2.79
SQL Random number not working -3.35
What is the correct color notation in XAML: #555 or #555555? -0.99
CONCAT'ing NULL fields +0.51
Select All Checkboxes By ID/Class -2.82
Should I return std::strings? -2.95
What is the best way to reduce sql queries in my situation -0.73
How to verify a result of program that is hard to grasp? +3.16
How do I merge a CVS branch into HEAD using the Eclipse merge tools? 0.00