An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1467.94 (4,522,149th)
742 (198,180th)
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Title Δ
Hand over NULL shared pointer to reference? +2.37
How does one process "select *" and "select count(*)... 0.00
Why can't this friend function access the private variables? -1.03
Calculate majority element in an array -3.06
TCP Recv using select() returning 1 byte reads +4.28
Unexpected value of vector.back() -1.38
Are there generic smart pointers? -1.95
Speedup a short to float cast? +0.06
Copy constructor for a stack using linked list -3.19
Random values when retrieving jint value using JNI +4.27
Invalidate pointer values inside a QMap +4.42
Inheritance from empty base class in C++ +3.90
Why vptr is not static? -2.63
Precise thread sleep needed. Max 1ms error +4.32
mysql max() without being able to group +1.53
How can i get this Linked List to work properly? +4.38
Boost: Comparing variants with apply_visitor -3.14
Keping history in Winforms C++ -3.87
Base class pointer to Derived class pointer using the already alloc... +1.75
Get time in nanoseconds with C++ on windows without chrono -1.77
Should I prefer to use a static class variable or a static variable... +1.22
Looking for a combination of alphabetical and natural order (aka. u... -3.86
How do I "convert" a jobject class to a complex C++ type? 0.00
Protocol Buffers; saving data to disk & loading back issue -3.60
Not sure what went wrong 0.00
Destructor and Constructor calls, Example right? -2.23
COM smart pointer how to reset to a new instance? -3.10
Write and read records to .dat file C++ -1.36
Detect if a .lib was built against debug MSVCRT 0.00
Overload postfix increment operator 0.00
Using Boost.Pool in VS2010 - Linker error -1.48
Creating macro using __LINE__ for different variable names -1.48
C# app crashes when using C++/CLR dll -3.11
Class definition in header file and including string -1.01
Get iterator from pointer -3.04
How to generate a file from C-hexvalues? 0.00
The return value of a LPCSTR function becomes trashy -3.02
Calling a class's constructor inside another class -3.88
throw an exception or return NULL object in C++? -2.16
Define BOOST_PHOENIX_ARG_LIMIT has no effect 0.00
Effective way to allocate and delete memory using smart pointer in... -3.34
Check if object declared const -2.71
C++ clearing cin buffer when using GetAsyncKeyState() +3.67
I have a third party lib, I have error LNK2019: unresolved external... +0.53
Boost parse date/time string and yield .NET-compatible Ticks value +4.37
What is the order of clearing elements from std::list? -2.66
A bunch of unclear things with the destructor in C++ -2.51
Multiple mutex locking strategies and why libraries don't use addre... -3.66
Print template typename at compile time -3.99
Strange behavior using if statement 0.00