An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Ankush Jain

1447.32 (4,533,324th)
2,594 (65,144th)
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Title Δ
Overriding where signin-oidc callback redirects after succeded auth... 0.00
How to substitute IoT Edge env variables in “deployment.template.js... -0.43
How can I change the OS Disk size in Azure Virtual Machine? 0.00
What does AWS RDS snapshot include? +0.08
Adding Security Headers to ASP.NET Core 3.1 Web Api +2.80
Get Secret from Azure Keyvault using nodejs -1.33
Using a custom exception class +0.58
Error in HTTP Post from Angular into Web API .NET Core +0.08
Can class with initial param use Inversion of Control pattern (IoC)? +2.40
Bootstrap 4 cards coming out of container div and overlapping next... +0.09
Hide and show a div using input value using JavaScript +2.12
What can I replace here since I can't have a lambda function wi... -0.18
Razor syntax for boolean check -0.63
Filter values from DB by 4 parameters +1.50
Error: Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: Cannot read property '... 0.00
How correctly implement this line inside Angular service? +0.02
set value for default selected option in ionic 4 -1.67
AddAutoMapper does not load all assemblies in core 0.00
Ionic 4 : Recording Audio and Send to Server (File has been corrupt... 0.00
In ngFor select option how to send the value of particular object p... -1.19
How to query REST API using strict typecasting +0.34
Problem while running Angular project project on AWS EC2 +0.08
Problems with passing data from ModalController 0.00
How to get particular page selected by default? -0.16
Ionic 4 change ion-tab-button with custom icon -0.25
How to link derived class to base class constructor by some forcefu... -1.13
handling special character '/' in grid view TemplateField -1.72
Post HTTP array angular 7 and .NET core web api 0.00
angular typescript interface default value -0.95
How to bind JSON object key value pair separately to angular template +0.56
How to add a external javascript library file to a specific compone... +0.10
C# Delete entire node from XSLT -1.43
How to Pass Multiple Objects from Controller action to View in MVC? -0.18
I want to show a confirmation popup when form is submitted +0.58
Generate same random 0.00
Invalid JSON format Datatable +0.08
after downloading files from url using and open that files i... 0.00
Adding missing dates to JSON that had no sales 0.00
Embed Javascript in HTML Coding Best Practice +0.57
Handle global and HTTP exception with ASP.NET MVC 0.00
Navigation Overlay Hamburger Menu Click Issues -0.42
ASP.NET MVC JQuery Validation Not Triggering through Submit Input .... 0.00
.NET framework HttpClient Authorization header not working +0.07
Twilio JWT Token expired +0.66
How to get full path to build pipeline -1.87
Get JSON data out of Umbraco +0.41
How to invoke a delegate object +0.53
can't see what is causing extra whitespace below the footer +0.58
Solution for @Html.Raw Controls 0.00
Why is it impossible to use a var in a type definition ? +0.51