An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1428.69 (4,535,474th)
8,311 (18,881st)
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Title Δ
Sort multidimensional hash by values and print the highest -0.96
(C++) Passing a vector of objects to a constructor +0.60
Javascript Regex Pattern for Two Decimal Places -0.88
If esp points to the top of the stack, where does ebp point to? -1.81
Setting Arduino String values in a class -1.05
Differentiating various declarations in C +2.36
Computational cost of indexing and substitution 0.00
Regex match only if string is found once on multiple lines -1.97
How to code for iterating through multiple files in linux? 0.00
Replace all file keys with new values using Bash -0.73
Assigning a string in a char * array to another char * array -0.98
using sed to find a word in a line and replace the part next to the... 0.00
Named namespace with internal linkage 0.00
How to print lines with duplicated fields? -0.53
Converting from sparse to dense to sparse again decreases density a... -1.45
Store multiple functions into array C++ for looping +1.79
Browsers refuse to connect to websites without url scheme provided 0.00
Semaphore value in function inside thread function inconsistent 0.00
BSD sed ignores the leading spaces in the text for a\ command 0.00
Segmentation fault because of moved promise -1.26
Assigning the value of a pointer at a certain index in C -1.30
Dynamic Libraries with generic type functions [c++] -0.43
New in C++17: template templates that match by default 0.00
Free the stack implemented in C +0.02
Preventing pre-mature shell parameter expansion in chained commands 0.00
how can I exclude some data based on another data -0.62
Multiple conversion errors while trying to load text file into a li... +0.29
Using a average to get probability of a single occurance in a range... 0.00
C++ gcc `floorf` not a member of `std`? 0.00
How can I get the function's type from a call expression? 0.00
How to make global constant aliases to variables in C++ +0.96
Create a variable size matrix +0.35
Hit / Miss rate counting by array caching +0.47
How to fix this comparing strings( from argv and scanf) program? 0.00
How to document all commands that I used in vim editor in a special... -0.94
I am attempting to print a value to the screen -1.46
Abnormal Termination due to stack overflow -0.56
Regex find replace to add function parameter +0.08
How can I access a derived class' methods if it is returned as... +0.08
What is the purpose of file descriptors? -0.39
Generate random number except values in bash +0.39
Mapping inputs to an array (A better way?) 0.00
finding prime number using the square root method +0.61
How to use this defined type in C? -1.62
Creating a random generated array with a fixed number of elements,... 0.00
How to add called variable as a suffix to another variable and then... +1.96
Why is the second parameter of std::assoc_laguerre an unsigned int? +1.94
/usr/bin/ error: /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/6/crtbeginT.... +2.27
Need a flexible definition of a target dependencies in Makefile -1.75
Get text only within parenthesis from a file in linux terminal -0.87