An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

B Aerts

1477.84 (4,504,080th)
95 (744,867th)
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Title Δ
Push data to a parent array from within child array (PHP) -4.45
PHP - URL - remove everything from first "=" to hash, but... 0.00
finding which auto generated input was changed/button pressed - upd... -3.84
Splitting a complicated (?) string in javascript -3.92
Enter the extracted data using while 0.00
Wanting to make a repeating task for SQLite database +0.12
PHP throwing an error trying to get property of a non-object 0.00
Why is my RegExp failing IP server search -1.28
Retrieving data from SQL database and filling in fields on web form... +0.10
How to move column from referenced table to referrer table using on... 0.00
Compare java Date to SQLite Datetime 0.00
Match function parameters with Regex -3.88
Replacing '%20' from the downloaded excel file 0.00
Regular Expression To Match Header Tags Not In Specific Div -3.39
Replace date with dynamic date format in given string +4.03
how to match specif number from 2 stringa in php -4.14
Post HTML content 0.00
Login page not preventing invalid usernames -1.51