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Jérôme Richard

1498.55 (3,745,431st)
1,120 (139,496th)
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Title Δ
Parallelization Of Insertion Sort With openMP, compared to serial v... 0.00
Python speed up permutation of bits within 32Bit number 0.00
Fastest way to convert 3-Channel Image to single vector of type T 0.00
optimising OpenCV for loops 0.00
What is more efficient when using a for loop? 0.00
Numba CUDA speedup seems to low 0.00
Regex taking too much time 0.00
possible optimization in getting Minimum value indices from upper 2... 0.00
Fused fast conversion from int16 to [-1.0, 1.0] float32 range in Nu... 0.00
Measure peak memory usage in R 0.00
Efficient neighbourhood search in numpy ndarray instead of nested c... 0.00
C++ compiler optimization of a loop with pointers copying 0.00
Speed Up Python Programs (Adaptive Median Filter) 0.00
efficient way to fill histogram array 0.00
How to open file in multi thread(over 10 threads) using OpenMP 0.00
Efficient way to rebuild a dictionary of dataframes 0.00
Strange behaviour of openmp collapse directive 0.00
How to improve the performance of NumPy's BLAS-related functions? 0.00
Share scoped variable in OpenMP 0.00
Fast alternative to conditionally set an array elements 0.00
Can this for-loop calculation of np.meshgrid be vectorized? 0.00
Optimize eigen recomposition (Matrix - Diagonal Matrix - Matrix) pr... 0.00
Is there a way to measure cache coherence misses 0.00
Why is __int128_t faster than long long on x86-64 GCC? 0.00
Adding a new member in struct sk_buff - any impact on performance? 0.00
Fastest implementation of Maximum Subarray Sum in R 0.00
What changes should I apply to this code in order to run it faster? 0.00
What role do branch mispredictions play in hash table lookup perfor... 0.00
Is it possible to get better performance than a compiler by fully c... 0.00
Slow performance of nested loop in R 0.00
how can i improve multithreading efficiency? 0.00
Multiple Eigen::Matrix initializations with OMP: segmentation faults 0.00
No speed up with openmp for emplace_back a vector in a loop 0.00
Binary doesn't work and IR doesn't have any characteristic... 0.00
Optimization of json.load() to reduce in-memory usage and time in P... 0.00
Measuring syscall overhead in Linux 0.00
Why is log4 (n4) = Θ(log6 (n6))? 0.00
Why is deletion and insertion in Link list faster than arraylist? 0.00
Which is the most efficient way to compairing all values (sets) of... +3.82
Writing a fast linear system solver in OpenCL C 0.00
How to Design a Data Structure that supports insertion,deletion of... -4.13
Can any language "deeply" combine or simplify functions? 0.00
how do numactl & perf change memory placement policy of child p... 0.00
Speed up a MED function? 0.00
OpenMP task output -4.03
Quickest way to find partial string match between two pandas datafr... 0.00
numpy index access vs numpy.array.item performance 0.00
Suggestions on how to speed up this python function? 0.00
CUDA kernel: performance drops by 10x when increased loop count by... 0.00
Attempting to find distance between every combination of 600,000 en... -0.02