An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1592.13 (2,049th)
442,026 (45th)
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Title Δ
Match word of specific length +1.33
What's the pattern that describes a read should be performed af... 0.00
Parsing JSON list to int array in c# -1.76
Mock HttpPostedFileBase ASP MVC 0.00
Why does "sudo apt-get update" take so long when my lapto... -0.68
ASP.NET Core routing with RouteValueDictionary -0.13
Does using RestSharp client require RestSharp on the server? 0.00
C# Class Field Names with dots 0.00
Replace links in javascript -0.10
how to make a string which showed like an array return to array whe... +1.72
T-SQL trouble with conditional select into +0.86
linq and auto increment 0.00
Register decorators based on consumers via simple injector 0.00
How to run another C program using execv -1.22
Add CSS subclass with jQuery addclass -0.64
How to access declaring type for static member in C# +0.37
Why am I only getting one association with this model? 0.00
Jquery Ajax Does Not Send Accept Header -0.12
Skipping steps in bootstrap tour using conditional if / else checks... 0.00
MVC5 Error Handling with JQuery Ajax -0.03
Regex replace part of file name jQuery +0.85
Making a list than contains random numbers from another list +0.36
calling internal method for each object in an array +0.37
Tsql union query -0.88
How to hide the title of an image on hover +0.36
How to update background of page dynamically with Flickr API 0.00
Updating whole graph before disposing context in Entity Framework 0.00
Create a list from pairwise comparison +1.55
Mapping complex DTOs to entities with automapper 0.00
Why Parallel. ForEach is taking the same time as Foreach +0.37
Javascript Function not defined error in code -0.98
SQL Server: WHILE Within SELECT? 0.00
Linq to Entities figure out count of rows without returning rows 0.00
Time complexity Analysis for loop: 0.00
Including style tag in javascript +0.35
Html javascript row instead of col -0.12
How To stop a user from type something in textbox with JS? +0.38
Cannot set property innerHTML of null on appended child (div) -0.86
Global Variables not updated due to load balancing 0.00
Why i get this error when i publish app on iis? 0.00
Best practice for persisting User State in special kind of Asp.Net... 0.00
radio button check and uncheck other radio buttons the web form is... +0.37
Thumbnail image border as square -0.13
Wrapper class to download image + Stream was not readable 0.00
C# - Accessing methods from another class within other classes? +0.35
Can I stop a meta refresh using javascript? +0.12
how to convert only "some" of the keyword to link instead... 0.00
Which security should I use? -0.63
Controller method for shared layout view in MVC? -1.63
Viewbag value is rendering in proper case. How do I force it to ren... -0.68