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Oliver Charlesworth

1703.71 (136th)
233,642 (179th)
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Title Δ
kubectl create doesn't seem to do anything 0.00
Why must I cast in Kotlin but not Java? 0.00
How to mock lambda with mockito in kotlin 0.00
If Iterators returned by HashSet, ArrayList are fail-fast, how can... +1.33
Multiplying bytes with XOR 0.00
How C printf function knows the integer size passed? +1.10
What is the significance of the "binade" of a floating po... 0.00
Mocking deep objects in Mockito +0.24
About the syntax of Docker build -2.31
How does getClass().getName() return class name of the generic type? 0.00
docker production code build +1.20
Elasticsearch 6.2: terms query require lowercase input when searchi... -0.52
Docker container, custom index.html on startup 0.00
Java 8 streams: Handle null values -2.95
Constant variable initialization based on IO operation with a condi... 0.00
`ls M*` displayes the subdirectory +0.22
Java creating instance getter easily and quickly -1.23
Intellij view all unpushed local commits -0.28
Why doesn't toString throw an exception when called on null val... 0.00
How can I get Letsencrypt certificates before adding the server to... 0.00
Kotlin custom annotation, arguments 0.00
How to call an anonymous function from setTimeout +0.91
Eclipse and Intellij showing wrong java method declaration. How can... 0.00
Diff between two branches in Stash 0.00
Python unittest to detect running test under circleci 0.00
Looping through Kotlin x times, but not using the index +0.20
How to figure out the required headers for a java REST call? 0.00
How do I swap some characters of a String with values of a HashMap&... +0.82
Syntax error on token "double" within if statement body 0.00
ArgumentCaptor vs InOrder to verify subsequent callbacks with diffe... +0.26
How to create a branch starting from a difference with a new direct... 0.00
How do I link an IntelliJ IDEA project to a local git repository? -0.26
How is the three-way comparison operator different from subtraction? -0.34
Deadly Diamond of Death in Java 8 +1.20
Java jUnit: how to assert that all objects in a list are from a cer... 0.00
C code keeps running forever* +0.96
Is this modified implementation of binary search still O(log n)? -0.76
How do I expose my service to the internal docker network? +0.23
wget - Save download to one file and download progress to another 0.00
Entering docker container with exec losing PATH environment variable +0.23
Speed up distance calculations, sliding window +0.89
The "Builder-style usage of methods that return Unit" on... +0.89
Why can't Java typecheck this code? +1.75
Why Object obj = new Integer(2); Byte b = (byte) obj; results in Cl... +1.45
Why I can use the name of the a lambda expression, but not the name... 0.00
GNU make always considers a non-file target as being remade (possib... 0.00
Binary convert Int to Float in Kotlin 0.00
Changing value of an int array with a signed char pointer 0.00
What's the difference between Character.toUpperCase() and Chara... +0.24
gcc 7.2: warning: left shift count >= width of type +1.30