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Brian Agnew

1589.93 (2,261st)
235,553 (176th)
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Title Δ
Mock chain call in Mockito causes NullPointerException or WrongType... 0.00
Java : getClass().getResource().toURI() Vs getClass().getResourceAs... -1.95
Outputing command results to a txt file -2.09
Java JSON unit test pass with wrong value 0.00
convert png files to pdf with Bash? 0.00
Read Excel (.xlsx or .csv) with groovy 0.00
How do I fix the "float cannot be converted into float[]"... +0.12
"No such file or directory" using cut in a while read loo... 0.00
Java 8 HttpUrlConnection fail to parse response with http protocol 2 0.00
Run shell command in parallel and wait for result 0.00
A weird warning with return statement -1.07
What does a slash mean in a Java stack trace? 0.00
Why i am getting this error while connection my java program to sql... 0.00
Flyweight pattern objects are immutable? +1.47
Unable to get JMX metrics using 0.00
Values don't get inserted into the DB, even tho I don't get... 0.00
Find file in vim, switch to next file without saving current file 0.00
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Class org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.Dist... -0.69
Runtime.getRuntime().exec(): executing touch creates a directory wh... 0.00
How to get Java 9 print Java 8 -style information about GC -0.43
Java List of() static method -1.61
Java, why is Math.sqrt() returning 0 +0.59
Should you separate matrix data and math? +1.79
When does return -1 and how to handle it? +0.79
java 8 stream API filter out empty value from map -0.01
how to replace multiple strings with replace method at once without... -1.38
Understanding command line arguments 0.00
Why my computer beeps while using String(char[]ch) code? 0.00
Java standalone application and dll access / update 0.00
Bash Operators: Squaring a previously calculated variable, then sto... 0.00
Meta programming - Is class an object in Java? 0.00
Scala case class "explicitly exposing the state" -2.27
Why don't the export and unset commands have a path? 0.00
Is it best to call a method (from class A) in a class (class B) whi... -0.61
Why If I instantiate a List as null it fails +0.33
Why cannot I return values from two functions in Java? -1.98
How to explain the code output of this multi-threading program in J... -0.45
Java - Object runs an external process: how to stop it? 0.00
What exactly is a stream in java? And how are they related to Lambd... 0.00
How to make aliases for the classes in scala 0.00
How to test private field is set to supplied value using public met... -1.43
Bash multiple port mapping depending on script argument -0.40
How this code Compile and Run? +0.62
more, less are behaving like cat 0.00
Running external unix commands in Scala -1.75
Java 'constructor in class cannot be applied to given types'... +0.40
Strange behavior with Java enums -0.35
Logging output from executable 0.00
Mockito NullPointerException on mocked object -1.51
How should I fill Map in abstract mock class? -0.04