An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Running Wild

1523.60 (25,107th)
2,597 (64,807th)
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Title Δ
Longest shared section algorithm -0.29
Print string X number of times without using loops or conditions -3.08
BTree Implementation - Do I need to know the order of the tree first? -0.41
How Can i read a whole file into a string variable in golang? -5.05
How do I stop a Listening server in Go +3.58
Argument-dependent PRNG +0.35
Sum of elements equal a value, any good Algorithm? -2.42
How to tokenize a striped string based on a list of patterns +4.99
How do I most efficiently partition a constantly changing list to c... +3.74
Finding matches between high quality and low quality, pixelated ima... +3.74
Algorithm to find neuralgic point2 in a large graph +3.67
Best way to build color matrix with different color in contiguous i... -0.14
Searching & difference of large sets of integers -1.06
Balanced sums in binary tree +0.06
Go: range receiving only odd number of values from channel +4.01
A variation of closest pair of points algorithm +0.90
Is the 0-1 Knapsack that each item has the same weight NP-complete? 0.00
Are there any good techniques for keeping nearly-sorted data nearly... +3.91
Find the smallest missing number in an array -3.48
Find the maximum element which is common in n different arrays? +3.58
finding whether a path of a specific length exists in an acyclic gr... -3.82
How to efficiently search for strings in a file? -3.71
Finding the balance point in an array -4.32
Sorting objects by y value before rendering? -1.69
Which is perfect Data Structure for exact string pattern matching? -0.24
Is it possible to multiplex several channels into one? +4.17
Find most favored area on an image -3.10
Find the maximum possible area -0.29
Uniform distribution of points +0.83
Rendering entities in queues? 0.00
Interview Algorithm: find two largest elements in array of size n +3.80
Find two missing numbers +4.89
Algorithm: A Better Way To Calculate Frequencies of a list of words +2.35
Invalid triangle -0.17
sorting integers with restrictions +3.85
Find the lexicographically largest unique string 0.00
Command system for an RTS game +0.44
Efficient Data Structure for Insertion -3.75
How to find special values in large file using C++ or C -0.37
Is there a directed version of the Earth movers distance -0.09
A user ranking model +3.46
algorithm - How would you determine the minimum number of multiplic... +1.61
Sorted insertion into small (255 element) list -2.20
Hamming weight written only in binary operations? +4.71
How do you store a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) as JSON? +5.50
Search engines/algorithms to find closest continuous (floating poin... -3.91
Fastest way to access this object -0.94