An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

aziz k'h

1482.19 (4,487,508th)
785 (189,333rd)
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Title Δ
Check Neighbours in a String with Java -3.83
reformat list string with spaces -1.05
Regex add also symbols 0.00
split string on commas, ignore single quote and comma in single quote -1.65
Best regex (in Python) to not have double space in result when subs... +3.36
FlowPane doesn't take up 100% of its outer HBox width 0.00
Changing the value of XML file based on key using Ant 0.00
Conditional regular expression in Python 0.00
Convert from Date to LocalDateTime with format "yyyy-MM-dd HH:... -0.95
How to find the indexes of the biggest number in a given List with... -1.53
Regex, get all hyperlinks -1.72
Regex value from input field dasn't work for date format 0.00
response time childElementCount delayed 0.00
Java Swing - Problem updating Jtable live 0.00
Replacing a character with a space and dividing the string into two... -3.86
How to check to make sure user entry matches a certain beginning ch... +0.02
I'm trying to create a code that asks the user to choose from o... +2.01
How to write a RegEx finding ` (Grave accent) surrounding a string... 0.00
javafx.fxml.LoadException in Eclipse 0.00
Combining 2D array with a 1D array 0.00
Throwing an IndexOutOfBoundsException and I don't understand how +1.68
Selecting characters immediately preceding a capturing group but se... +5.59
Regex to match multiple occurrences of pattern and disregard conten... 0.00
How to find all class properties that start with a lower case letter -2.69
Adding space before and after operators in java string +1.22
How to "extract" string before "-" but if the s... 0.00
Exclude last characters from regex pattern 0.00
Angular dynamically set value to <select> field -0.32
Adding Regular Expression minimum & maximum string limit to &qu... +1.60
Split with new line and store in datastructure +0.16
React Router - path with regular expression and parameter not equal... +1.34
replace every uppercase word in a string with a code 0.00
How do I read only integers from a file into a c++ program that als... -5.42
Reading contents inside brackets in Java? 0.00
How to write regex to fix words composed of duplicate letters? -1.90
Use regex pattern matching to remove the two leading and trailing l... -1.68
Unable to replace using RegExp +4.24
How to remove leading zero's in between characters of a string 0.00
Oracle SQL Developer regex expression error 0.00
Map functions and regex? 0.00
Regex in re To Match Word with More Than 2 Numbers -1.50
Regex Ignore Match in the middle -0.05
Is there a regex expression in Google Analytics to filter keywords... 0.00
How to implement a Thread to a Swing in java -3.81
REGEX - Remove decimals from string -2.35
Extract number with percentage +1.86
Javascript regex matchAll : why rest operator is needed? -1.41
How can get phrases from a string with regular expressions 0.00
Placing a negative index in C++ +0.73
CompareTo method in two separate methods -1.29