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Steve Jessop

1646.94 (600th)
239,307 (173rd)
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Title Δ
Is there a way to do conditionals inside Python (3) for loops? -1.06
pathlib Path.rglob fails on long file paths in Windows 0.00
Python: how to replace substrings in a string given list of indices -1.90
Why can you extend/append to a list in a tuple, but not assign to it? 0.00
What happens when I loop a dict in python 0.00
Which errors to catch when a module doesn't document all of its... 0.00
Use module as class instance in Python -0.97
(Why) should a move constructor or move assignment operator clear i... -1.33
When should I use list.count(0), and how do I to discount the "... -0.64
avoiding a libc function call when copying chars by using std::copy... +1.59
Does a function() call in a while loop uses memory everytime the lo... -0.92
typecast the return value of a function to an unrelated type of the... +0.30
Checking WHAT is missing from a list when comparing it to another l... -0.94
zlib gzopen() returns a compressed file stream. Does it decompress... 0.00
Remove first encountered elements from a list -0.44
Re-defining already assigned python class -0.22
Iterating a list of lists and modifying values backwards -0.53
Words.word() from nltk corpus seemingly contains strange non-valid... 0.00
Using malloc/realloc for array of classes/structs including std vec... -0.79
Is there anyway to use templates NOT as parameters, but as a global... -0.64
Is there a way of converting a string of 1's and 0's to its... +0.29
Do we use else with unless statement? +0.03
Python: get every possible combination of weights for a portfolio +0.42
Use __get__, __set__ with dictionary item? -1.31
What is the data type of a string literal in C++? +0.99
How near to the maximum pointer value can an object be to avoid ove... 0.00
Can two groups of N people find each other around a circle? -1.55
Using intermediate variables for ternary operator (or similar) for... -2.72
How to check the existence of a matching in map? -0.87
Python, Remove characters, such as emoji, that cannot be handled by... +0.28
How to check for words in a string even if the order is different -... -0.62
Extracting last element of a priority_queue 0.00
Only Move Iterator Once 0.00
Is this usage of const_cast undefined in practice? +1.20
How to compare two unions for ordering +0.28
Python: sort by date and time? 0.00
Remove all occurrences from list of dict python +0.57
How to assert two list with dicts without order? 0.00
wrap python generator into a buffer 0.00
Static casting to incorrect type +1.66
Json in Python with a var giving error +0.28
Why does Google Style Guide discourage forward declaration? 0.00
How to save a very long string in SQlite (sqlite3 python)? 0.00
Python variables scope in loops example +1.49
Lambda expressions in Python +0.66
Why INT_MAX minus INT_MIN equals -1? -1.92
Rearranging order of elements in python list +1.48
Getting values from several set inside dictionary +0.27
Annotation tips -0.72
How is Stack implemented in STL? -1.77