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superb rain

1516.18 (41,096th)
1 (4,502,361st)
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Title Δ
Why doesn't deepcopy work on a python dictionary? +0.46
Removing duplicates in each item in a list of strings -0.82
find start and end date of previous month from current date in python +0.45
How can i know if it's the last iteration of for loop? +0.24
Python sorted list insertion -0.07
Most clean and efficient way to generate and zip two lists in Python +2.25
Matematical operation between couple fo number in list +0.81
Why does the grammar for function definitions in the Python3 docume... 0.00
Check if one item in a list is in a list of lists -1.87
Is there more clever way to merge these two lists in Python? +1.05
Get value inside of nested dict in python -2.01
Concatenate every element of list with a list without loops +0.48
Remove triplets of adjacent numbers from the list -0.64
Are there relevant iterables with no length in Python? -1.95
Python dict easiest and cleanest way to get value of key2 if key1 i... -1.82
Python : How to stop while loop while sorting list? +1.50
Creating lists from a list of strings without list comprehension -0.20
How to move list items to the front if they are in another list whi... -1.40
Showing the 10 first prime Fibonacci numbers in python -0.03
Python: Is there a way to parse a tuple in filter? +0.46
How to use inline for-loop to replace substrings? +1.18
How to compare list elements for empty element? -0.43
Python - Filtering a list of tuples with lambda -0.83
How to get a list of words with no vowels? +1.12
How to add dash and commas between integers with Python +0.32
Append list every Nth index from another list -1.37
Code that randomly capitalizes each letter of a string (Code cleani... +1.65
Sorting tuple list based on another list? -1.42
Iterate over a list based on list with set of iteration steps -1.04
Counting sort a list in descending order -1.57
What's the best algorithm to find a missing number between two... -0.80
Python list and dictionary comprehension -2.27
Extract the different element of a List +0.47
Python - Is there a quick method with Numpy for matrix multiplication -0.53
Splitting a python list into 4 sub-lists that are as even as possible -1.47
Element-wise addition of 2 misaligned lists? -1.86
Order list of some elements by list of rules +0.11
insertion sort worst time complexity for near sorted array? -2.44
how can I get the number of list items that occur more than once? +1.62
How to apply a right fold on a list using Python? 0.00
Sort a list with duplicates based on another list with same items b... +1.99
How can I find a specific pattern in a list? -0.55
Rearrange words in a string based on which category set they belong... -0.74
Choosing which elements to replace in Python +0.46
Python Repeated Sampling Without Replacement from a Given List 0.00
Substitute expression in conditional expression +0.30
np.random.choice exclude certain numbers? -0.71
How to map a list of strings to a list of integers +0.86
How do I create a recursive function below? 0.00
Python custom ordered data structure 0.00