An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1506.45 (111,909th)
7,851 (20,085th)
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Title Δ
Center Multiple (4) Views Programmatically -0.56
iOS - Using cookies with WKWebView -0.03
Force label to display it's text 0.00
UIScrollView contentInset Autolayout issue 0.00
App store connect user but not developer? 0.00
Get UIView Height in UITableviewCell Autolayouts -0.01
Javascript console log in UIWebView in Swift 0.00
how to expand & collapse UIView using auto layouts -2.16
Inject local storage from swift to WKWebview -0.51
Constant property cannot be initialized in a convenience initialize... +1.23
Could not cast value of type ‘NSNull’ (0×106a4f520) to ‘NSDict... 0.00
Finding index of change between two strings +0.46
Append property of struct to array using reduce +0.10
Specify number of decimals when serializing currencies with JSONSer... -0.22
Swift - Filter array +1.28
Round UIImageView +0.00
Delegate method not invoked 0.00
How to get correct value of custom attribute of any tag in IOS? 0.00
Scroll View height/size is always ambiguous when containing Stack V... 0.00
iOS - Ephemeral Session and UIWebView 0.00
how to bind the string vlaues from array to uibutton ( static ) +0.49
Swift get date five years prior to today 0.00
Firebase reference is 'variable not available' when downloa... 0.00
Work with escaping closure value -0.26
Swift - Convert UInt8 byte to array of bits -0.51
Can I get all the text between every <p> and </p> in a... -0.48
How to add values from one array to another? -2.28
Sorting List in javaScript by numbers -0.32
Sorting TableView Rows 0.00
ios swift - instantiating same VC from multiple tabs -0.01
Swift generics, cannot infer type T 0.00
Swift pass and store a class implementing a protocol to another class +0.50
check if any property in an object is nil - Swift 3 +1.24
Log out and clear VCs below current VC 0.00
How/Where To Set a Delegate 0.00
I am getting an unresolved identifier even though I have a let for... -2.18
Swift: UITabBar with a sharing header on all screens 0.00
Get the height of the UIScrollView after layout in Swift 0.00
uiwebview height calculation in swift 0.00
sort a String array in Swift -0.86
Swift: Combining 2 or more custom objects in array +0.48
Define custom class for object Swift 0.00
Alamofire post json and response json +0.48
Type 'NSNotification.Name?' has no member 'firInstanceI... 0.00
SWIFT - Loading local CSS file 0.00
Cannot assign protocol-conforming Objective-C class to a property w... 0.00
How can I disable the automatic gray selection in WKWebView? 0.00
Different keyboard heights make weird frames when switching between... 0.00
row height is not automatically updated 0.00
Calling Functions From AppDelegate in swift3 0.00