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Mateusz Kubuszok

1573.55 (3,647th)
4,131 (40,535th)
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Title Δ
Stack Modification Traits in Scala Not Working 0.00
Is a polymorphic function of higher-kind C[_] ~> D[_] really a n... +2.02
Are functions with Try/Option signature a pure function? 0.00
How to retrive keys by comparing values of map list from config in... 0.00
Infinite lazy list in Scala 0.00
Is it possible to create methods which will be accessible without i... 0.00
Scala Memory leak in fo/ yield 0.00
Why the expr parser only can parse the first item of it? -2.32
Why Scala doesn't provide hiding feature like Java does? 0.00
How to split and concatenate a string in scala? +1.50
For loop with two variables in scala +1.33
How to compose two Http4s routes with zio effect and different type... 0.00
How to return a desired datatype from a method in Scala particularl... 0.00
call-by-name function is evaluated before invoke 0.00
Fixture objects and cleanup in ScalaTest 0.00
Understand Scala Implicit classes 0.00
setting run / baseDirectory from command line 0.00
Decoding a case class with `require`s in class body using circe thr... 0.00
Migrate a Traversable that uses a visitor to an Iterable in Scala 2... -0.97
Scala type arguments do not conform to type parameter bounds -2.53
How can I bring ad-hoc polymorphism using type classes or implicit... +0.39
I want to generate current epoch time in scala 0.00
How should I get B form A => B 0.00
Access member of underlying type of sequence (Scala) 0.00
Doobie Query for Entities with Value Class Fields 0.00
Is there a simpler (to remember) structure to do breaks in scala th... 0.00
How to enqueue elements to a queue and then dequeue them? 0.00
Parsing custom keys in Json with Circe 0.00
What is the Main object when running a Scala script? 0.00
Does val initialization always allocate memory in scala? 0.00
Scala: Inherited enum object doesn't satisfy parent trait 0.00
How does playframework migrations work with multiple servers? 0.00
Check if element wise condition in Scala list +0.40
Custom annotations in scala 0.00
Specifying weaker Aux type bound does not cause compile error 0.00
Scala Slick - Identify which DBIO is failing in DBIO.sequence -0.60
No parameter and by-name params eta expansion confusion in Scala 0.00
java.nio.ByteBuffer wrap method partly working with sbt run 0.00
Scala Seq vs List vs MutableList performance (foldLeft) +1.05
Scala, ZIO - log something after every retry 0.00
Write concise sbt configurations based on combinations of predefine... 0.00
akka-http validate path segment +1.48
Scala syntax for polymorphism in val functions +1.52
Scala selects wrong implicit conversion from within implicit class... 0.00
Using the Free Monad in Functional Domain Design 0.00
Play Framework JSON automated mapping with custom validation +1.49
Kleisli dependencies with Tagless Final style +0.40
What does Cats Effect's IO.suspend function really do? 0.00
Scala Recursive For Comprehension Prepends Empty List Only Once, Why? +1.53
Escaping command in CMD Dockerfile 0.00