An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1481.15 (4,492,280th)
896 (169,485th)
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Title Δ
How to delete Digital Ocean Space with lots files 0.00
GoogleService failed to initialize -3.78
Not enough space to show ad! Wants: <480, 75>, Has: <432,... -3.73
timer.setText("setTextHere") does not work inside the thr... -1.28
Override returned values from Model -4.03
How to reverse mv to file - Unix +0.75
How are intents dealt with when the service is stopped? -0.17
Android ICS bitmap recycling 0.00
Android - Once click off/on location services +1.21
Memory resident android Application 0.00
PHP Cache for HTML -0.19
Refreshing a page with javascript using php header('location') +3.93
Android - AdMob click count 0.00
exec/system() - script being called works until called from PHP 0.00
PHP preg_match: Match everything except string +0.27
Android root access prevent App launch 0.00
Error sending email with php script Pear Centos 0.00
breaking into SESSION variable +0.71
How to create variables and assign them values within a for each lo... -0.94
How to setup your Linux server to execute a php script every minute -1.87
why my downloaded file is alwayes damaged or corrupted? +0.09
PHP assigning a condition statement to a variable? -2.96
Run multiple exec commands at once (But wait for the last one to fi... -2.26
PHP Exec Permission Denied -4.06
Memory considerations for long-running php scripts +0.31
Issue to determine a currently downloading file size? -4.04
PHP include statements aren't including files in a folder using rel... 0.00
Admob ads not displayed on android 1.6 0.00
Handling Application level Errors in PHP -4.36
how to count lines of code in a single file +1.79
incrementing notification.number in android +3.93
PHP & MySQL secure web application - Whole web site as single i... +4.21
BroadcastReceiver works properly(Android) -0.32
Why the Apache is not starting on XAMPP -2.06
Code in PHP for the ceiling function 0.00