An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1510.55 (59,439th)
10,157 (14,940th)
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Title Δ
What is the right operator in for test if a String is not eq... +0.47
Inheritance and overriding, 0.00
How can I redirect to the same page multiple times with a different... 0.00
Check if After a Specific Time or Same Day 0.00
Debugging error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object 0.00
Detect when response.redirect has finished? 0.00
How to run 3 subs in parallel and wait until all three of them are... 0.00
SubString of String after first hyphen, include hyphens after +1.07
How to create and populate a Datatable from a Txt file -2.21
Duplicates when doing select in a database and showing it in a table 0.00
How do I make this work for both lower and upper case characters? 0.00
Shared function - passing a variable 0.00
Is there a way to convert Pixel coordinates to Cartesian Coordinate... +0.48
If condition being ignored 0.00
Option Strict On disallows late binding in 0.00
LEN function not returning a value in VB.NET -2.15
Best method to compare strings? 0.00
The ConnectionString property has not been initialized IIS 8.5 -0.77
VB Type.GetType("") returns nothing +0.90
WPF Error: Operator '<=' cannot be applied to operands o... 0.00
Sorting a Text File with string and values and then looking through... 0.00
Visual Basic adding to an empty array 0.00
Override Attribute of Property in Derived Class 0.00
Passing parameters vs public variables when calling method in dll (... 0.00
Declaring variables global for only class in +3.17
How do I check for an empty object in VB? 0.00
I do not know why my nested for next loop is only going through one... -0.01
VB error: Overload resolution failed because no accessible accepts... 0.00
Dealing with a NullReferenceException after user is idle for over a... 0.00
copy media files from one folder to another, but rename the files 0.00
TryParse Date when not valid custom error message +2.14
Stream does not end 0.00
Spiting 2D Arrays using "vbnewline" Visual Basic 0.00
HttpUtility.HtmlDecode() exept some specific strings in 0.00
Need help comparing a string to a listbox with a loop 0.00
(Supposedly) Asynchronous queries wait for result 0.00
How to retrieve data from XML using LINQ in VB.NET? 0.00
I can not get into the event when I click the dynamically created b... 0.00
If condition not met using Or keyword +0.48
Long-running Process with Responsive Form - Performance Improvements 0.00
uploading a file from the user's PC to my server using 0.00
Why I can't get the selected value? -1.53
convert object to ArrayList 0.00
Converting C# fluent interface to code in VB.NET 0.00
Comparing EPPlus Style Fill background Color with System.Drawing.Co... 0.00
Passing the type of the property to generic function 0.00
Equality Textbox in Listbox or whetever 0.00
visual basic - WriteLine with 2 or more colors? 0.00
How to change the protection level on a variable in Window F... 0.00
Using a Timer to Update a Label in an ASP.Net Web Application 0.00