An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1507.06 (105,073rd)
1,108 (140,744th)
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Title Δ
Type 'ServerTrustPolicy' has no member 'certificatesInB... 0.00
Haskell name declaration rules +1.65
Flot: How do I grab the nearest plotted point to where the cursor is? -3.99
Qt C++ Drawing and Animation +0.15
How to calculate time loss for the data transmission from host to d... 0.00
Performing DFS and BFS on a directed graph 0.00
Finding a group of vertices in a graph so that each vertex can reac... 0.00
O(1) extra space lookup data structure -3.31
Fixing a conflict without a mergetool during a rebase? +1.75
Reverse a string of any length using pointers in C +1.58
How would I connect this signal to the slot 0.00
++ operator with String and IO String 0.00
Difficulty getting a Parsec parser to skip spaces correctly -2.03
Kernel functions not recognized 0.00
Side effects and I/O in Haskell -0.95
I rolled back to my first commit through carelessness. Is there a w... +2.28
computing vertex connectivity of graph +3.97
Gtkmm 3.0: How to get user class data in on_draw method of DrawingA... +0.08
Permuation with repeated letters and consecutive letters not same +1.95
Does adding a reference to a shared ptr increase the reference count +2.52
Extensible Haskell Type Classes +4.20
Use one pipe to read and write between parent and child +3.90
sending struct array to cuda kernel +4.05
swap nested list in haskell -3.78
Detecting infinite recursion -2.47
Asymptotic Proof 0.00
FTP program where client requests for a file on the server 0.00
Why is my startup script not running 0.00
How can a char variable accept Pointer(NULL) as its value? -3.56
on what protocol torrent on and how upload affects internet speed 0.00
How do I denote this syntax's semantics? 0.00
How to run thread from push button? 0.00
send and recv on different threads -3.44
Why isn't import list working in GHC? 0.00
Function that reverses any array - C -3.34
How to share a QListIterator between two member functions? 0.00
Modify ELF file 0.00
How do you use malloc to allocate space for a non-pointer object, s... +4.04
Select multiple distinct rows from table SQL -2.74
Efficiently creating a nested for loop x layers deep -1.81
Input/Output through terminal with Codejam questions 0.00
new default acton for makefile +1.86
show a list of Maximal number of renting +0.22
iOS - UIImage imageNamed: returns null on device +4.29
Circular increment: Which is "better"? 0.00