An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1557.00 (6,186th)
103,758 (700th)
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Title Δ
How to operate command prompt using c#? 0.00
Why do we need a connection pool for a standalone application? -1.28
Cell value dependant on Active cell +0.42
Filling a DataSet using asynchronous ADO.NET calls throws InvalidOp... 0.00
How to publish XML files from a NuGet package to an ASP.NET Core 2.... 0.00
How to implement a Swashbuckle IOperationFilter that processes cust... 0.00
Need to ignore NULL values when deserializing JSON +0.42
Can you assume there is always a Windows temp folder? 0.00
Change the precision of decimals +1.90
What is proper way to write this linq lambda expression and deal wi... -0.92
What is the default class for managing ASP.NET profile properties 0.00
How Deserialize JSON Api result +1.69
How can I handle DLL errors in VBA? +1.59
Does nuget create separate packages? 0.00
How to get RequestCachePolicy to respect max-age 0.00
ASP Classic: perform same subtraction of 2 dates and get the same v... +1.26
How take decimal symbol (string/char) in current region? +0.62
How to use a relative path of a File in C# +1.94
Why do I get the error "Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC&quo... +0.43
Logparser query does not give me any output 0.00
DateTime local and utc the same +2.58
TextChanged event in VB.NET 0.00
More efficient way to format currency values +0.44
appsettings.json and Class libraries that use ConfigurationManager.... +1.92
string Comparer unexpected results - wrong ordering? 0.00
Am confused about web.config in .NET Core -0.20
Storing JSON object in an attribute of JSON object 0.00
Best Practice - Testing Batch Commands for ErrorLevel -1.26
Moving service configuration from the config to code +0.90
Unable to create ComObject "Excel.Application" 0.00
Implement generic abstract class to an interface which is generic a... +2.53
Refer to a sheet on a non-active workbook +1.94
Linking Array Properties -0.28
Making a Menu for each user Role in .NET Web Forms -0.07
Grant aws iam role permissions to an iam user in same account 0.00
Remove sheets from workbook where Remove Sheet option is greyed out 0.00
How and when to use :short in C#? -0.34
What does BBDD stand for? 0.00
Adjust date's timezone so that hour is accurate (doesn't ju... -2.16
S3 and .net Amazon SDK - GetObject is inaccessible due to protectio... 0.00
In a CMD batch file, can I determine if it was run from powershell? +0.26
C# Windows Form Initialize +0.43
VBA. How to exclude hide sheet from this export code? 0.00
Linking Two Foreign Keys to one Primary Key 0.00
Declare log4net variables globally and use them across all class fi... -0.84
I get error 13 type mismatch vba when run another micro 0.00
Add Key in Dictionary dynamically -0.65
How to display SwaggerResponse in XML instead of JSON 0.00
how do you check if a namespace exists at all? 0.00
Is it possible to create a new workbook that is not active? 0.00