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Paul Evans

1476.54 (4,252,907th)
19,808 (6,886th)
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Title Δ
What does int** mean in C in this context? 0.00
Creating a vector<int> reference to an integer array pointer... 0.00
How to assign a destructor to a pointer? 0.00
Calling a constructor vs defining an inline constant as a default p... 0.00
Where exactly are variables or identifiers stored in C++? 0.00
This while loop causes my program to hang 0.00
How to pause all threads in my process (stop the world) 0.00
how to return std::string from a function in c++ -0.29
how to create a loop that checks for each iteration and starts back... 0.00
Is normal to list all the cpp/cc files when compiling with g++? -0.37
C++ primer 5 Ed Global objects 0.00
Dynamic allocation and large data structures in C++ -0.42
How to properly implement a C++ class destructor -0.33
Postfix in C++ not behaving like I'd expect -1.88
Dynamic Allocation for Class members in C++ +2.69
Private inheritance visibility/access in C++ +2.34
Use wtoi with radix in c++ 0.00
When is it advisable to use `size_t` for array declaration or itera... -1.01
>= And <= Not working the way I used them, where did I mess up? 0.00
Collisions in `std::unororder_set<std::string>` 0.00
C++ primer 5th Ed: The Word Transformation Program 0.00
Understanding pop_heap in C++ for implementation in Python 0.00
How to add a node to a linked list +0.53
(C++) Why does the '||' logical operator gives back 1? +0.26
Showing Garbage values in Structures in c++ -1.69
Boost FFT Example - error on compile, what is this code doing? 0.00
Exception thrown in a Constructor 0.00
Remove needless assembler statements from g++ output +0.59
concatenate prefix in the function name with macro? +1.44
What is the performance difference between "a<=b" and... +1.78
Different results when using sizeof to count number of elements in... -0.21
Is there a way to reuse a part of a pattern in a C++ regex? -0.11
Avoid null pointers while accessing objects in a tree hierarchy of... +0.67
Initializing vector with reference_wrappers 0.00
I need help figuring out how to nest this loop +0.07
Why don't core C or C++ texts mention sound or graphics? -0.86
Generate unique 32bit number from two 96bit numbers -0.53
Shared library crash when project compiled with -O1 optimization flag +0.04
What does the compiler do if a member function appears both inline... -2.19
My pointer in an array doesn't work as it supposed to +2.09
Data structure to store a grid (that will have negative indices) +0.65
Is auto(toCast) explicit cast planned in future C++ standard? -1.12
Regarding function returning pointer +0.53
Why is nullptr a part of the core language, but nullptr_t is a part... +1.89
Correct C++ approach to store multi-type data +0.54
How to add element to last of array in c++ +0.62
Serializing a class with member that is vector<unique_ptr<str... 0.00
Derived class with base class as a data member? +2.75
My switch statement is not working in C++ +1.71
Binary addition carrying from left to right -1.53