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Paul Evans

1493.79 (4,152,619th)
19,808 (6,886th)
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Title Δ
Find a string and extract values from result of hive query using sh... 0.00
Is modifying an object more than once in an expression through its... -0.91
How to break an arduino uno memory with a vector? -0.55
Storing vector of unsigned char in an array gives me std::bad_alloc -0.01
C++ STD functional operators: is there a method to map one vector o... 0.00
Arduino cannot compile variable named SP: "Expected ')'... +1.55
Why am I getting the error 'cannot access private member declar... -0.24
Why does this loop run infinite times? Comma separated conditions i... +0.68
Why is std::string_view faster than const char*? +1.36
Dynamic function resolution at runtime +1.02
How to move bytes of a variable in assembly +2.34
C++: Design suggestions to handle many configuration variables +0.47
Big problem with classes , and returning from void function c++ +0.00
How to Allocate Vector of Objects to the Heap 0.00
Condition in operator= +0.38
Simplify casts to type which depends on a parameter 0.00
Bash function to alias python command with ipython when no argument... 0.00
Why is my c++ code finishing with exit code 11 when using the stack? +0.52
Sorting Parallel array +2.31
How do I pick the bigger data type for my array? -0.18
Is it a bad practice to use (overload) a setter / getter pair with... -1.06
Correct way of initializing a class globally in C++ -0.55
Int array to C++ container +0.72
Expression must have class type vs +0.52
Convert and Store struct to binary in C++ +0.02
Is there a way to input just required numbers of characters in a c+... 0.00
Expression must have a constant value error when creating an array... -0.47
How can I split string and integer when user input both the string... +2.18
What is the extra argument used for when overloading the decrement... -1.62
How can i declare object in an if statement and use it wherever i w... +2.25
Problem of encoding when sending POST request using Wininet in C++ 0.00
Weird behavior of a simple for-loop code using "find" fun... +2.47
I want two loops to run in parallel +0.53
Solving a dp problem from codeforces - Cut Ribbon -0.18
How to sort set of pairs in STL c++ according to second element of... 0.00
String turned into a linked list then checking parentheses balance -0.33
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'char const*'... 0.00
What is the intution behind std::set<Key,Compare,Allocator>::... 0.00
C++ : how to know if a point I intersects two line segments? +0.52
How to combine numbers mathematically? -0.47
can someone help me to figure out how to remove the segmentation fa... 0.00
Call Function with Reference & -1.29
Is there a library that check the type of variables in C++? 0.00
Unexpected loop behaviour in c++ +0.52
When two std::map objects are identical -0.45
How to implement a slice operator[] in C++? 0.00
Me not understanding do while loops 0.00
I'am having segmentation fault and i don't understand why -1.39
Should I initialize a floating-point (double,float) variable with 0... +0.49
Class not being recognized by second class in another hpp 0.00