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Paul Evans

1461.35 (4,183,507th)
19,808 (6,978th)
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Title Δ
How to compare an element of array with all the elements of another... 0.00
Should I use static variables in my functions to prevent recomputin... 0.00
Can I group attributes of one class into one map? 0.00
Create an object within a member function 0.00
Legacy code throws exception in destructor 0.00
Name lookup don't seem to work with nested classes 0.00
Passing C-Style string char * to function argument 0.00
Is the timing between the end of a switch statement and the next st... 0.00
"How do I display the cout<<"Fever"; because I... 0.00
How to 'convert' amount of Hz to appropriate byte/bit format? 0.00
What does the number following the argument represent? 0.00
Pimpl and pointers in the implementation of the private class 0.00
How to overload getter functions without adding/ removing `const`ne... 0.00
C++ "value++" causes warning but "value+1" does... 0.00
How to find std::max_element on std::vector<std::pair<int, in... 0.00
How can I create a planar graph? (graph based method ) 0.00
Lollipop sequence numbering 0.00
What does the & operator do when used in operator overloading? 0.00
Preferred order of C++ class fields with respect to memory alignment 0.00
How to avoid using temporary variable with std::modf? 0.00
Difference between this C++ function and Python function 0.00
my c++ code is a lot slower than javascript code 0.00
Rolling dice number not being recognized in if statement 0.00
Why the behaviour of void pointer differs from that of normal integ... 0.00
how to save a Graph in a file and later call it? 0.00
Convert decimal to balanced Heptavintimal 0.00
I want a for loop script to do some commands in every numbered subd... 0.00
How to track all places where a class variable is modified by exter... 0.00
Can I set a class member variable to the result of a class function? 0.00
The best way to find number of occurrences of word in string (C++,... 0.00
Can I force std::vector to leave a memory leak? 0.00
Is this expression an lvalue or an rvalue? 0.00
c++ wrapper for header encapsulation 0.00
How Base class members gets copied in inheritance when we copy/assi... 0.00
error: no matching function for call to 'Subclass::...' 0.00
Array of different types in c++ 0.00
I want to have the + and = sign to appear in middle 0.00
String initialization and printing 0.00
Unable to insert node into linked list in c++ 0.00
String won't reverse using reverse_copy 0.00
Missing elements when returning a std::vector 0.00
Synchronization between threads 0.00
Retrieve values from data structure holding variant data types with... 0.00
Following an index in an array after sorting 0.00
How should I design a struct in cpp? 0.00
std::is_sorted and the comparator requirement misleading? 0.00
Loop until any of the elements of a std::vector is not encountered 0.00
I want to Integrate ODBC in my Code for both linux and windows usin... 0.00
How do I create large CSVs in seconds? 0.00
Execute callbacks in a thread c/c++ 0.00