An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1459.91 (4,528,727th)
1,681 (98,243rd)
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Title Δ
Whats is the difference between ${env.VAR}, ${VAR} or $VAR way of d... 0.00
credential issues with curl in job dsl 0.00
if statement or comparison C++ 0.00
How i can sort struct by characters in C? -2.73
How to include source of external library for IntelliSense in a CMa... 0.00
I am trying to do basic addition in c++ but large numbers are showing +4.80
Compiling standalone ASIO with Makefile on Linux -2.91
Get the first word from fgets 0.00
How can I find what is preventing a fast forward merge? +0.46
Incorrect syntax at '=' +0.39
What does 'void (*return_socket)(void *closure);' mean? 0.00
Customize exceptions by showing error message C++ and Qt +4.83
Validating the scanf entry 0.00
'->' operator in C and how it's used -1.86
C++ syntax for function that returns immutable vector of pointers 0.00
Padding is part of a link +0.71
difference between integral value of wchar_t character in two situa... +1.42
if else code blocks ... or one if with multiple OR ( | |) condition... -0.86
Is there any way to make a Qt DLL that statically links to the Qt r... -3.71
Make QObject wait for its listeners before executing function +4.52
How come visual studio still rebuild the whole solution when I only... -3.55
Modifying original with void pointers in C +4.42
How to write few bytes to a file in NAND without continuously trash... +1.43
Error using cout with variables in C++ -1.69
What are the cons and pros of using void * as the this pointer in m... -3.76
How to compare string command line arguments in C? +2.01
How to handle multiple human languages in a PostgreSQL database? -2.18
What is the standard way to constrain a optimizing compiler to keep... +5.32
Cannot track down memory leak 0.00
what happens when you input things like 12ab to scanf("%d"... +0.73
What's a good way to get c information? -1.01
C Linux Device Programming - Reading Straight from /Dev -1.04
Microsoft Interview: transforming a matrix -3.47
Transfer of file from one machine to another machine 0.00
How to use shell magic to create a recursive etags using GNU etags? -3.31
Loading file over http +1.33
hide password from reading from .o file or .hex file -1.46
Commenting Standards C -2.18
Rolling Dice Histogram 0.00
counting duplicates and put the unique entries in to new array in a... -1.20
How are n-ary trees implemented when you don't know how many childr... -2.22
Creating a pointer to the first value of a matrix -3.25
calculating the size of the array in c, given only a pointer -3.09
Change google maps v3 streetview to another div/canvas 0.00
How to process text streams with \r correctly? I'd like some line b... -3.23
Is it possible to pass char[][] to a function requesting char**? +0.66
Boolean AND and OR operations 0.00
Sending a control signal? -0.12
parallel strlen? 0.00
Iterator in C language 0.00