An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1523.85 (24,751st)
2,099 (79,801st)
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Title Δ
Tcl - replacement/match/uniquify 0.00
C gmtime() Variable scope -1.24
FPGA LUT with multiple outputs 0.00
convert non-scientific values in a list to scientific values using... +0.27
How to unfreeze a user's memory limit? +1.69
reading bash variable array into python via argparse 0.00
does a inout port work as both in and out in same appplication +1.26
Reusable way to assign a bi-directional record to another 0.00
Facing issue with sed command 0.00
'>' symbol whenever I try to copy results of a command t... 0.00
git commit error: pathspec 'xxx' did not match any file(s)... +2.59
{} and () in || statement in shell script 0.00
Why is there a difference in behavior when the command are piped to... +2.04
Clock divider in vhdl from 100MHz to 1Hz code 0.00
matrix addition using pointers in C +1.53
Why can't one print NULL in c program? +2.81
How are sequential statements inside a vhdl process synthesized? 0.00
How do you increment the number returned from llength? 0.00
Passing a pointer to an array in a function in C -1.15
I am trying find gcd in bash but in didn't work? 0.00
Is there a way to include the input in the bash file so that I will... -0.52
Strange behaviour with svg path 0.00
bash script Keyboard Interrupt hand over to Python Script -0.02
Efficiently derive parameter from generics vhdl 0.00
Expect script fails if directory exists -1.79
pass variable from lower proc to upper proc in Tcl +2.09
Keep Getting Segmentation Fault (core dump) when trying to print ar... +1.77
segmentation fault during char pointer operation 0.00
Variable assignment inside bash script inside Jenkins pipline -0.98
How to write to a new Mac binary/executable using fopen and fwrite? +1.99
Why do stack variables affect text segment +0.80
How do I return a string in C? 0.00
What is this logic function? 0.00
Why does "let" sometimes exit when run with bash -e? 0.00
Read the commands from the text file and execute in sequence 0.00
Bash problem with function that hides files -2.00
Normal user touching a file in /var/run failed +0.75
Time complexity of Big O notation 0.00
How append multiple characters to a string in C? 0.00
One ioctl not being executed in kernel module 0.00
Why does the MAP_SHARED flag make other processes immediately visib... 0.00
How do you convert binary 0001,0010,0100,1000 to 0,1,2,3 to index a... -0.09
How to check that file is saved to hard during TCP sending? +5.20
sshfs fails when remote:dir and (local)dir are the same 0.00
The multi-process and output 0.00
how to call a function in assembly? 0.00
In a C program for adding up to a number then subtracting back to 0... +1.68
Can't figure out epoll example in manual 0.00
index not incrementing in thread, c program +3.96
how to find all directories in /home that are not owned by root and... +0.00