An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1498.26 (3,865,451st)
3,629 (46,339th)
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Title Δ
Creating a strongly typed TS dictionary from an array of objects us... -1.40
Complaints about ambient getters/setters 0.00
Explicit return type based on Array.isArray() +4.12
ResourceNotFoundException with full deploy to prod 0.00
Vuex changes not impacting modules +4.10
Exporting like "module.exports" in TS 0.00
Starting a StepFunction and exiting doesn't trigger execution 0.00
VS-Code complains about accessors but targeting ES6 0.00
adding to an existing Object prototype in typescript +4.51
Problems inferring type with typescript +4.06
Can't authenticate to a github repo which I own 0.00
Preferred module syntax for node projects using typescript 0.00
Swagger error when trying to import JSON 0.00
addEventListener not attaching to the right scope 0.00
Ember addon to add files to root directory 0.00
AWS API-Gateway communicating to SNS +2.97
Getting file contents when using DropzoneJS 0.00
computed.oneWay not working with Ember Data +0.34
Ember's volatile and templates +4.00
Ember's volatile and templates -4.00
Naming Mixins with Ember-CLI +4.24
Troubleshooting a segmentation fault in Ember-cli 0.00
ember-cli 0.2.1 - generated addon test cannot find mixin +4.33
Addon not working 0.00
Binding 'style' to a computed property +4.30
http-mock naming conventions 0.00
SASS compiler not adding to include path 0.00
Couchbase PHP SDK in Docker Container 0.00
rewrite or internal redirection cycle with NGINX 0.00
Homebrew needs full path? 0.00
Static images not able to redirect 0.00
Couchbase admin tool falling over with filtered document list 0.00
double "this" in debugger 0.00
Getting from a model's class name to it's type 0.00
Getting ember data to adjust URL per model 0.00
Operating on all files/classes in a directory -1.58
Rewrite that works in OSX, not working on Ubuntu 0.00
Can't get to properties in Ember? +0.36
Broken promise getting a user 0.00
Passing parameters between routes -3.68
can't save/update record using ember-data +0.33
Separating app and vendor css in Brunch +0.32
The story with Index Controllers, Views, Templates? 0.00
Can't find DS.Store instantiation in Ember application +4.17
Leading character stripped off of API call 0.00
Capturing all inputs in a JSON request (using Restler) 0.00
Can't find resources.json +0.42
lack of identity between jQuery selector and jQuery variable? -3.76
Delayed response from jQuery (with some other odd artefacts) 0.00
setting hidden form "value" doesn't stick with jQuery -3.33