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James Donnelly

1697.92 (153rd)
103,852 (699th)
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Title Δ
How to update the state in in react js 0.00
React - onSelect function not working of react bootstrap -2.14
Issue with displaying background image in a div with REACT +0.24
Unhandled promise rejection error in react native? 0.00
Change text size and color incrementally +0.63
Is this a valid CSS Selector? 0.00
How can I ensure a token doesn't expire between preflight calls? 0.00
Why Const is often used in object declaration while its properties... -0.29
Quaternary operator for rendering in React? -0.09
get second last component of a path from a string with js regex +0.82
What's the difference between CSS child selector without space... +0.52
Percentage height within auto height parent div? +0.23
Border around legend item in highcharts -0.26
How can I get the correct output with Moment.js and "fromNow&q... -2.46
with::after class & without ::after class css is not working 0.00
css,html,bootstrap with integrity link -0.28
Incorrect date being set with new Date() +1.19
Why is my Google Font not loading through @font-face? +0.21
CSS2 version of height: calc(100% - 18px) 0.00
How would calculate the exchange rate of Bitcoin/GBP? +1.52
Translation into another number system JS -1.19
Bug reporting regarding HTML and JavaScript -0.26
Unwanted double underline on <abbr> elements +0.93
Why ul > li (selector) doesn't work +1.00
Changing marker colour based on property in Leaflet +0.24
jQuery add styling to the ID when clicked -0.51
Variable not defined issue +0.23
font awesome not showing pin icon in IE 11 0.00
Style guide for documentation in HTML urges to use spaces in <co... 0.00
CSS :read-only selector - Disrupts :disabled in IE 11 0.00
Nested <p> tag auto-closing/opening +0.37
Highcharts Data Point Image 0.00
Removing a single bulleted icon from a bootstrap list +0.32
jQuery css selector match form array names +0.65
Using async setState +0.46
How to print user input to the console? 0.00
Bootstrap columns conventions -2.69
Javascript regex match number after string +0.39
MomentJS: how to get last month date (not start of the month)? +0.23
Remove div between div using Jquery +0.24
Wrong increment and decrement in javascript +0.24
promises in javascript ( ES6 ) +0.25
How to disable React's "Warning: Unknown prop"? 0.00
recursion function says undefined -0.37
css border with radius different colors +0.25
matching two javascript array to form intersection result -0.20
how to prevent a click event on a button if it is already processin... +0.20
How do I prevent an invalid character from being copied/pasted in m... -0.55
Why do I have a read-only error in my slideshow? 0.00
FontAwesome Icon not displaying not sure why +0.22