An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1419.31 (4,535,863rd)
10,005 (15,265th)
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Title Δ
Displaying number of elements inside an array list with a messagebox +1.84
overriding properties +1.40
LINQ Query on Datatable to check if record exists +1.54
How to retrieve a stored procedure using c#? +0.04
Partial Class vs Extension Method -0.94
Newbie - MultiThreading -0.17
Is it a good idea to use lambda expression instead of delegates? -0.75
Substring value retrieved from database in .NET / C# -0.07
Matching route in ASP.NET MVC 3 returns a 404 +1.20
linq compiled query, class field 0.00
Linq to SQL - How to sort results from query +0.96
Why is if(true && false);{ foo(); } valid? +0.10
Instantiating the class that contains static void Main() +0.44
Can we use Linq for geting value from collection object in java? -0.36
Datatable group by issue r.Field<T> 0.00
Fill DataTable from LinqDataSource 0.00
? x : y, what is the meaning of that? -1.01
Select quoted data from query without referencing a table? -1.35
Fastest Way of Inserting in Entity Framework -0.74
Nice way to compare 3 array lengths in c#? -0.64
String to Datetime conversion +0.16
call back mechanism in C# .net +0.65
DirectoryInfo GetFiles TOP number -1.17
why cannot declare const static string inside a class -1.06
inserting values from one table into another table using sql/ +1.71
Difference between System.Object.GetType and System.Type.GetType -1.57
LINQ-to-SQL: Why can't I use table name as parameter? +2.08
How to rewrite if (...) to switch about identifying dynamic class t... +0.24
Is null checking required for IEnumerable object? -1.03
Why is it an abuse to call refresh()? -0.62
How to bind gridview using linq/Entity Framework? -0.89
Method returning DataTable with using -0.62
facebook graph user friends count 0.00
Another Simple LINQ to XML query +0.20
C# System.Speech notfound! +0.27
listBox selected item -0.24
How to filter results based on selected results in a LINQ query? -0.70
what does this statement evaluate to? -1.48
Query regarding static class in c# +0.06
Blocking applications using C# +0.06
Return SQL Server error to user -0.16
How can I open a different site in a new window from my page? 0.00
Linq on a Datasource of list type +1.32
Modify a class property from another thread in C# +0.10
How to pass javascript var to server side on -1.62
c# - Fill generic list from SqlDataReader -0.40
Adding A Column that doesn't exist in a query -0.85
Should I prefer string or String in C# or is it execlty the same? +2.56
How to write to a resource file? -0.15