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Gary Willoughby

1495.88 (4,096,077th)
26,266 (4,848th)
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Title Δ
Using PostGIS extensions on PostgreSQL, why doesn't `ST_ConvexH... +0.51
How to theme the reference popup window in the VS Code editor +0.03
In-memory File for unittesting 0.00
What's the advantage of using enum string over string in D? -1.00
When building Go programs for release is it standard practise to ju... 0.00
How do I handle nil return values from database? -1.24
Most efficient way to reallocate while ordering values in memory? -0.63
Why doesn't this button resize when the window is resized? 0.00
How can i wait for a Tcl/Tk toplevel widget to be created before mo... 0.00
PHP String Comparison versus Mysql Like % -1.62
Why would my program only run if using DLL's in one specific locati... 0.00
When using the Tcl/Tk C API on MacOSX why does it execute in an env... 0.00
vim: highlight words in visual block mode -1.55
Richer Coloring and Typesetting in DDoc Output 0.00
Why is this MySql query (on a partitioned table) always hitting the... 0.00
How can i partition a MySql table for use with 90 day rotating part... +2.15
Using inotify why is my watched file ignored? 0.00
Cannot set swap, backup, and viminfo in vimrc (win64) +0.05
Using LESS CSS, can I multiple a "property" by an amount?... 0.00
How can I get good errors from the LESS compiler when integrated in... -1.67
How to automate relationship testing in Doctrine2 entities and mapp... 0.00
PHP, OOP practical example +0.27
PHP PDO prepared insert - does not insert data and show no errors -0.52
In PHP how do i know if none of the functions registered using spl_... -0.53
How to configure Doctrine entities to handle compressed blobs in th... 0.00
How to cut text in (insert) SELECT mode in Vim without unwanted beh... +1.93
Embedding Quotes in PHP -0.44
Strange gVIM inner borders -0.37
How to change the way shading looks on cubes in Three.js? 0.00
How can I CamelCase-enable Vim Search -1.59
Correct way of using a windows dll in D? -1.57
PHP attach file to email 0.00
PHP PDO long sql statement no response +0.01
How to compile the Oracle Instant Client Libraries for PHP PDO - Li... 0.00
A multi-conditional switch statement? +2.11
Converting String to Date in Javascript to return a JSON Array +0.10
Using Vim, what is the best way to implement PHP code folding that... +0.50
Installing surround.vim plugin into Vim's plugins folder seems to h... 0.00
Register external javascript file within a Codeigniter view for add... +0.50
Is there a command you can enter into a Vim _gvimrc file to set def... +0.51
PHP continue statement? -0.59
Finding the number of digits of an integer -1.47
PHP foreach loop takes array elements out of numeric order? -1.07
PHP function returns 0, not sure why -0.50
Lazy loading class methods in PHP -1.10
When assembly is inside 'C:\Windows\System32' i get 'Unable to find... 0.00
jQuery/Google Maps: Location picker with radius control? 0.00
Automated FTP to upload new files to web server? 0.00
What mock object libraries are there available for D? 0.00
Problems applying custom coded images to a Round Rect Button in Int... +4.07