An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1691.85 (189th)
52,408 (1,882nd)
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Title Δ
How to resize and print lesser values than what I have? 0.00
Uable to declare a char string properly in C +0.90
Bubble sort the numbers from a file in descending order for the fir... 0.00
Segmentation fault with vectors, but not sure what I did wrong 0.00
Sorting an array of linked list nodes +0.97
function which arranges the elements of an array in ascending order -0.80
Why is the amount of malocs 10 * sizeof in the outer loop and 2 * s... +0.26
c++ Histogram random numbers 0.00
How can I read as string and then make it int vector; +0.25
Can somebody explain the difference in output when using if v/s els... 0.00
How can I create an "isalnum" equivalent? +0.35
Sending image through sockets not receiving fine 0.00
Different pointer value before and after return -1.77
How do I make my vector grow to initially unknown size? +1.30
How to create a custom shared_ptr? 0.00
trying to implement bubble sort using linked list but its not working 0.00
What is no matching function for call to 'isPalindrome'? +0.25
Defining a map with custom comparator where the value datastructure... +1.09
linked list is not removing/adding first heads +1.20
Undefined Reference to non-member operators from dll 0.00
How can I find repeated words in a vector of strings in C++? +1.09
invalid use of class::constroctor not sure what the problem is. How... 0.00
Deleting the whole Linked List 0.00
How to implement a map with three keys in C++ STL? +0.82
What is the time complexity of this C++ code +0.26
Error: member - "Graph::V" is not a type name +1.50
How do I pass a array of structures to a function as a pointer in C? 0.00
I have a problem in doubley-linked-list by C Programming.(Error of... 0.00
How can I pass a malloc'd address of arrays of pointers such th... 0.00
Ignoring numbers with letters 0.00
Issue with recursion in C++ -1.54
Understanding char* - C++ +0.90
Push pop top in stack c ++ -1.83
Confusion in different ways of creating nodes in C++? -1.22
linked-list in C showing the last 2 elements only -1.13
Peculiar memory/printing issue C 0.00
Why am I getting a segmentation fault error whenever I'm trying... +1.17
Clang gives me a warning of signedness change, however the code sti... +1.56
C++ Sorting Players +0.26
How to generate sha256 hashes of hexadecimal binary data in c++? 0.00
Improper usage of mutex c++ -0.74
Insert in unordered map when expanding a macro in global scope 0.00
Order in linked lists sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Ve... 0.00
Heap buffer overflow in allocated array -0.27
Condition variables on printing a sequence of words (threads) 0.00
Read a file line by line to struct 0.00
Why does the C++ modulo operator return 0 for -1 % str.size()? +0.39
Is it legal to treat a pointer like an array? -0.49
Linked list not displaying as planned 0.00
Invalid Operands to binary expression(const point and const point 0.00