An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1500.54 (442,979th)
1,494 (109,414th)
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Title Δ
lazy loaded Singleton - will a static field call cause instantiation -4.06
Finding all Palindromes in a string -2.19
Java, end of line with system.out.print +2.08
Initialize member of abstract class without subclasses having write... -2.58
Maven: Generating a package automatically 0.00
Setting a breakpoint for when a Java class is loaded in IntelliJ IDEA 0.00
maven assembly plugin and profiles 0.00
How do you reference a maven profile in a dependency? 0.00
Reverting complicated git repo 0.00
find in ArrayList<String> +1.99
Java Timer schedule job at specific time - ignore dst adjustment +3.88
Return method, Calculation Error 0.00
Can a class method have different code for each instance of the cla... -2.92
Command line java, file argument and piped input +2.24
Linearly "smoothed" function using lookup table 0.00
Can't locate JDK x64 in intellijIDEA +4.13
Cygwin git not picking up aliases 0.00
How can I select only one column using group by? +0.14
Maven transient dependency not brought in 0.00
maven integration-test phase attaches jbossall-client.jar in the cl... 0.00
Enabling cells in JFace Tables 0.00
Grails 2.0.4 in Intellij IDEA 11.0.2 breakpoints do not suspend, th... -1.95
How to instantiate a class using Spring context.xml 0.00
When creating objects through iteration, how do I get a specfic obj... -0.05
PowerMock's expectNew() isn't mocking a constructor as expected -3.91
SQL delete from query matching condition in two tables? -0.24
replace data after a regex pattern +3.99
IntelliJ not seeing resources folder 0.00
Using p6spy in production 0.00