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Rating Stats for

Nick Craver

1733.38 (62nd)
616,576 (37th)
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Title Δ
MiniProfiler - Replicate web view information in a console app 0.00
SQL Server : delete multiple rows with multiple conditions +0.21
Integrate MiniProfiler with .NetCore 3.1 -0.29
Is it safe to leave MiniProfiler's ProfiledDbConnection in prod... 0.00
Unable to print query using Miniprofiler -3.09
Dapper.Contrib and MiniProfiler (for MySql) integration issues -0.30
MiniProfiler Entity Framework Core how to exclude calls to Open/Clo... 0.00
MiniProfiler results UI shows empty names since using SqlServerStor... 0.00
Inline-blocks inside fixed width content overflowing -0.28
JavaScript JSON Object Object error +0.33
jQuery - onclick event does not change class after second click -3.12
JQuery UI to convert multiple groups of radio buttons into a slider 0.00
Find how many words are the same in two strings 0.00
How to use stop() properly in jQuery animation with hover event? +1.12
jQuery Using .on() with .each() +0.37
Jquery AutoComplete - not getting return values from functon 0.00
multiple show hide toggle with div sliding out -0.30
In javascript Repeating property in the object definition (within t... 0.00
Greasemonkey script to hide stackoverflow posts? -0.82
jQuery typing too quickly when autocompleting +0.86
Replace ; outside of tags (jquery) 0.00
jQuery .slideToggle() repeating 0.00
jquery ajax works only works in IE 0.00
Replace jQuery version of a page with Greasemonkey -1.99
potential advantages/disadvantages of window.location over a tag wi... +0.20
jQuery replaceWith() documentation question 0.00
jQuery - How to dynamically add an element to the DOM? +0.21
Jquery animate() and google chrome issues 0.00
jquery hide all but first image in masonry +0.20
Jquery .click() dont fired for <a> tag 0.00
Multiple jQuery Instances and jQuery plugins generate Errors -0.30
jQuery event triggering on all listeners 0.00
window.onbeforeunload not working in Chrome 0.00
I can not call jquery plugin function outside of plugin code +0.83
What would $('div, span', $('.test')).selector output? jQuery bug? 0.00
conditional loading of jquery and jquery UI issues 0.00
Removing Breaks Before H1 -1.99
jquery sequential animation +0.19
jQuery: How to find out the root tag name in XML? +0.20
jQuery.getJSON causes "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token... +0.19
Can jQuery ready() function be used twice for the same element? +0.64
my jquery fiddle isn't working -0.06
About parsererror SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input (CI with Jq... 0.00
jQuery .load(): loading a div when click +0.71
Uncaught TypeError: Property ... is not a function - after page has... 0.00
OutputCache serving long-stale data 0.00
Implement Lucene on Existing .NET / SQL Server stack with multiple... 0.00
Binding my autocomplete to my add input functions -0.29
Why doesn't calling this Javascript/jQuery function work -2.51
Ajax call doesn't work properly in Chrome and FF -1.38