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1512.63 (54,394th)
8,381 (18,716th)
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Title Δ
How to split array with jquery? +2.56
Having a weird behavior in my application 0.00
How to get elements inside tags using queryselector? -0.24
Jquery function does not work fine +0.17
react-dnd getDecoratedComponentInstance() is not a function 0.00
Why does new Date().setHours(18) return a number instead of a date? +0.12
Ionic PopUp : TypeError: Cannot read property 'confirm' of... +0.16
Get value of an cell with jQuery 0.00
How to turn dynamic DOM element into Select2? 0.00
Get id (undefined) of object +0.48
set height of child div in AngularJS -0.18
Applying css property in jquery function -0.20
Lightgallery not working (using jade and loading page separately) 0.00
Why Javascript replace is not working in this case 0.00
jQuery custom function wrong "this" reference -0.61
Toggle temperature value Jquery +0.21
Javascript OOP: Passing a value to property through input fails -0.00
else if not working in Javascript with scrollTop +2.89
Does Angularjs transclusion breaks CSS child relationship? (>) +0.50
My if/else is not working like it should +0.16
clicking function not working as per expected in ng-repeat +0.51
Incrementing a value and printing every step with innerHTML +0.45
Issue printing elements of the arrays +0.50
jquery cannot set a variable 0.00
Sails Js unexpexted identifier error 0.00
JQuery FadeOut Not Working Properly +0.46
Using ng-click to toggle between two functions 0.00
How to assign a function to a object method in javascript? +0.18
Finding the prefix of multiple classes on an element and switch the... 0.00
Where should I put my response handler code for AJAX calls in Angul... 0.00
Javascript: play/pause if clicked and change src +0.22
Change Div Width Along on load and resize -0.26
I need an array of selected checkboxes +1.12
Nested forEach loop does not work +0.49
Idiom to get just the "own object" and not the prototype... +0.45
each() function skips in JQuery and does nothing on arrays +1.27
Javascript accessing object and array defined in modular function -0.35
Updating time span with jquery +2.26
splice method not showing correct results -0.48
Angular ngMessages change class when valid and not only on error 0.00
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ')' in underscore wh... 0.00
For loop and getElementById +0.44
Populating array in Javascript using setInterval function +0.17
How to verify if creativeId is null -0.05
stopPropagation() not working -1.55
How to show slider with caption? +0.01
Why does this javascript not work in chrome while it does in ie? +0.51
"unrecognized expression: [object Object]" when using $(..) +0.57
Using jQuery .animate() instead of .css() 0.00
Cleaner way to bind a function to this? +2.13