An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1677.42 (243rd)
588,650 (20th)
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Title Δ
SQL XML Query returning Blank value 0.00
Conversion failed when converting varchar value to datatype bit 0.00
How do I get this SQL statement to write to an empty excel sheet fo... 0.00
REST API get not accepting multiple parameters in C# 0.00
Can't Connect C# with SQL Server 0.00
Insert XML data into SQL database when XML has nodes with same node... 0.00
How to display two tables separately in a single view with a join q... 0.00
Querying attributes from a XML column 0.00
AdventureWorks 2016 subquery not functional 0.00
Connecting a SQL Server .bak backup file to Visual Studio 0.00
Updating Null records of a table by invoking stored procedure throw... 0.00
SQL Server 2017 add new column with default value from another colu... 0.00
How can I search in SQL Server date (dd-MM-yyyy) with DateTimePicke... 0.00
SQL Server : identity and autoincrement for varchar 0.00
Query Tuning and rewrite - SQL Server 0.00
Incorrect Syntax multi part identifier 0.00
SQL Creating table Employee Department Grade +0.27
how to modify connection string based on query selection 0.00
SQL - Transfer Data to different table after INSERT -2.61
Two (SELECT TOP 1 +1 ) statements and two INSERTS same time +0.26
How to create model without using Entity Framework in C#? 0.00
Enforce Entity Framework to follow constraints defined in database 0.00
Connecting to SQL Server 2014 via console application does not work 0.00
Adding schema EF Core table attribute +0.28
Confused about sequence function in SQL Server -0.24
How do I convert a float to varchar without loss of decimal places?... +0.26
C# Winform : insert url parameter 0.00
Trying to get an XML file into a SQL Server table -1.41
Automate sequential integer IDs without using Identity Specification? 0.00
SQL and C#: ExecuteNonQuery: Connection property has not been initi... +0.06
syntactical error in SQL regarding my if else statement 0.00
SQL Server XML Path issue 0.00
Active Directory userAccountcontrol multiple values in a filter +0.27
T-SQL cannot query XML with multiple nested namespaces and no uniqu... 0.00
Adding multiple criteria to LDAP searches 0.00
How can I query the foreign key objects using Entity Framework? 0.00
bcp from remote database to local drive 0.00
What is the fastest way to calculate total rows in a a huge SQL Ser... 0.00
Using multiple select statements inside of a stored procedure +0.25
I do not know what data type to choose for Microsoft SQL Server IDs +0.25
Wrong SQL Syntax; Incorrect syntax near ')' 0.00
How do you copy one table to another at the same time inserting data +0.25
Trouble connecting to local SQL Server database +0.26
Incorrect syntax near 'ID",'Number','Station&#... +0.26
Writing a method which select all the rows and columns of the table... +0.25
How to read(assign) tableID for multiple values for one other colum... -2.71
Inserting multiple values to a table using XML 0.00
What is the appropriate version of framework for a project running... 0.00
Error while creating context in Entity Framework 0.00
Login Failed For 'Domain\User' SQL Server 2008 R2 0.00