An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1660.58 (420th)
634,727 (22nd)
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Title Δ
C# and delete specific row in SQL Server database 0.00
SQL MERGE - when not matched insert by using select table 0.00
Uploading gallery images using filesystem in Entity Framework 0.00
Explicit join syntax 0.00
Referencing the primary key twice as foreign key in MS Access using... 0.00
SQL Join Two Tables With Two Common Columns - Datetime Issue 0.00
How to set my dummy SQL row as the top row? 0.00
Error in logging in authentication against Active Directory with AS... +0.28
SQL Server 2016 Update a datetime attribute for a row in a table wh... 0.00
Running stored procedure in results in "invalid column... 0.00
Returning the column value even if the special character isn't... -1.51
Calling stored procedure with "FromSqlRaw" command return... 0.00
SQL Loop doesn't loop -0.22
How to set total number of rows before an OFFSET occurs in stored p... -0.22
How SQL sets the value and attributes of the same node in XML 0.00
How to insert image into database table using C# +0.28
.NET Framework dependency in a .NET Core application 0.00
Get X509 Certificate from Azure Keyvault to use in a REST call +1.17
How to use contains (T-SQL) in Entity Framework +0.67
Using the result of one query in dropping a constraint 0.00
T-SQL Parse XML Response in table format -1.50
select rows in sql with latest date from 3 tables in each group 0.00
Producing XML using SQL Server which uses Excel tags 0.00
Prevent update of MDF file when attaching to newer version of LocalDb 0.00
How to keep my application "authenticated" with an AD acc... -2.62
Get the value from the XML SQL Select Statement 0.00
how to access value of XML 0.00
Have a relationship between one table with one primary key and anot... 0.00
The database 'xxx' cannot be opened because it is version 904 +0.26
query table using another lookup table sql 0.00
mdf can not open because version is 661 and my database support 665 0.00
How to code to get data from multiple tables using C# and SQL Server -0.23
T-SQL DATEDIFF returns Years and Month 0.00
Copy column from one table to another table with condition 0.00
How do I link another table into my trigger? 0.00
Insert record into a table which has 180 columns +0.28
No values output to txtField while reading from SQL Server database... 0.00
Syntax to read xml inside of a stored procedure 0.00
Trigger update the rest of the table values once one attribute has... 0.00
Insert data into table and get ID from increased primary key +0.28
Date causing an error, not sure where to proceed 0.00
ASP.NET C# MVC Entity Framework 0.00
how solve this error( Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'SELECT... 0.00
XML method for an attribute is getting NULL value in SQL Server 2012 0.00
Year part update in SQL Server DateTime column -0.49
Weak entity primary key 0.00
How to set trigger based on update query in SQL Server? 0.00
Stored procedure to drop the column in SQL Server 0.00
Date passed as argument to SQL Server Stored Procedure - called fro... 0.00
How to automatically set CreatedOn fields with Entity Framework on... 0.00