An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1672.54 (294th)
603,114 (20th)
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Title Δ
Return value to textbox from stored procedure 0.00
Execution plan showing missing non-clustered index on already parti... 0.00
Seed model-table with SQL query 0.00
Insert into temp table from SELECT giving strange error 0.00
How to get current logged in username from Active Directory? 0.00
What's the default format for date in SQL Server? 0.00
How to know I have SQL installed? 0.00
C# - Login invalid when execute query 0.00
How to join 3 tables with different primary key 0.00
Getting errors using a trigger that is defined as if the stock is l... 0.00
My subquery returned more than 1 value In CASE statement +1.29
Never ending select with troublesome inner join 0.00
Can we have a number as column header in a table? +0.27
Concatenate different variables with number values in SQL Server 0.00
What is the need for user-defined functions in SQL Server? -2.60
How many indexes can we create on a SQL Server table according to t... +1.38
Get RecordId from table +0.27
Error trying to create a SQL Server 2014 function +0.62
Inserting Data from table Into Same table as a new row with new aut... -0.73
SQL Server 2016 Express edition and developer edition on same machine 0.00
Parsing XML data using Transact-SQL in SQL Server 2014 0.00
How to show one column value in two columns in SQL Server 0.00
Finding difficulty in creating SQL Server trigger 0.00
SQL Server Express with Hangfire connect problem : login failed for... 0.00
Msg 8156, Level 16, State 1, Line 17 The column 'BID_Close'... 0.00
SQL Server - float vs varchar +1.17
How to set auto incremented id to another column with using Peta Poco 0.00
How to fix ‘An unhandled exception IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF In... +0.27
How to return value based on if condtion in function? SQL Server +0.75
Retrieve xml containing @ using SQL Server query -2.85
Entity Framework or Dapper +0.27
Msg 8152 String or binary data would be truncated +0.27
Generate unique ID when adding a row of data to SQL Server database... +0.26
VARCHAR parameter in INNER JOIN isn't working while INT paramet... 0.00
How to insert data into SQL Server in a C# ASP.NET website? 0.00
How to uninstall .NET Framework 4.8 in Visual Studio 2017 on Window... 0.00
T-SQL XQuery nested namespace issue 0.00
Sum all instances of a particular node in a SQL Server XML column -0.53
Invalid value for key 'applicationintent'. (System.Data) 0.00
Change element values while ignoring xmlns 0.00
I'm calling a table-valued function within a stored procedure,... 0.00
Permissions for web services account 0.00
ASP.NET losing connection to SQL Server Express after being publish... -0.11
How to fix error Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 2 Incorrect synta... 0.00
What is the difference between 'CREATE USER [user_name] FOR LOG... 0.00
Default values doesn't set in SQL Server table when creating by... +0.02
How to insert data into database using formcollection -0.71
SQL Server : picking entry with most recent date from table 0.00
How to connect to SQL Server 0.00
C# Linq-to-SQL multiple columns -2.70