An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1536.48 (13,703rd)
1 (4,506,996th)
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Title Δ
Beautiful Soup not picking up some data form the website -0.52
How do I bring instance attributes into a @staticmethod +1.60
How can I print a one dimensional array as grid in Python? -0.45
Importing module from Github to use in Python 0.00
Find Strings Located Between Specific Strings in List Python +3.90
Write a string to a specific position in a file in python 0.00
How to create Setters and Getters that accept arguments in Python c... +3.68
Confusing python: empty list as optional kwarg in a class init +3.92
retreive key from nested dict based on value, where key names are u... +2.36
python convert string to a list of strings? +2.69
PYTHON why extend() change my original variable? 0.00
Dynamic grid creation -2.27
check if all the values for different keys are the same -0.27
parse javascript text to array 0.00
Get all groups that have access permissions to a folder using Python 0.00
How can i indicate the strings -4.01
Save csv data to a dictionary +4.07
Lambda with different expression returns same output +4.35
Is list's variable is an object in Python? +3.78
Multilevel dict to return None when key not found 0.00
drop columns in a txt file by length -0.30
Getting values from nested dictionary [values are in nested form] +3.89
Flattened List of Lists 0.00
Add all functions from a module as methods of an object without cod... +3.95
Getting specific values by regex in from a list transformed into str -2.24
Python script using json.load to compare two files and replace stri... +0.28
How to replace only the last character in a string but not earlier... +4.11
Make requests.get() wait untill page is fully loaded? 0.00
JSON: Trouble editing a JSON file in Python +0.03
How to remove '\n' from values in dict? working with json f... -1.12
Can you change the element in the list while reversing in Python? 0.00
Passing variable-length parameters to formatted string with variabl... -0.00
Python: calling class variables and class methods from within __ini... 0.00
How do i replace raise exception with return None -0.15
Function App custom dependencies, how to install and reference pyth... 0.00
Importing file from another imported file -0.12
How to escape \triangle, \bold etc while finding patterns in Python... -0.12
What is the best Python Design pattern for consuming Paginated Mess... 0.00
Display time on webpage with Python Flask 0.00
How to identify and capture specific URL elements in a Python list? +3.99
How to concat strings using **kwargs using function? 0.00
How to use elements in a list to create an object for a class +4.03
Creating a nested list from an imported single column file +3.89
How to make a redirect button in Flask template +4.09
Web Scraping: Next page is rendered in Javascript, how can I get it... 0.00
Passing a string from Python to a Bash script using subprocess 0.00
filter out json with json.loads(r.text) +0.24
Turning list into dictionary where list value is dict key and value -1.88
How to quickly check if domain exists? +2.42
What's the difference between? -2.43