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Rating Stats for

Mahmoud Abdelkader

1558.95 (5,589th)
13,922 (10,258th)
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Title Δ
Workaround for bug in OpenJDK 8? +1.38
Reusing validation logic in setter and constructor the right way +3.33
How to create a new, unnamed file in emacs? +3.38
Finding out which mode I am in with Braintree 0.00
Fibonacci Sequence and issues with return? +3.53
Split a huge excel file into multiple files 0.00
How to generate UUID/GUID in Python 2.4 as UUID module is missing -4.50
Python configparser getting and setting without exceptions +1.92
No resource or method named `template' chef +3.56
Obtaining list of Customers +3.47
Error: uncaught exception: Invalid marketplace uri 0.00
Adding bank account to customer (balanced payment api) 0.00
Getting Faraday::Error::TimeoutError when creating card in Balanced... 0.00
Intermittent issues while accessing external http services using ge... 0.00
Migrating Tumblr to octopress (Jekyll) - in wrong directory 0.00
Balanced Payments PHP Client: query result triggers uncaught except... 0.00
When attempting to void a Hold on balanced payments that had been c... 0.00
JS error on balanced.init() 0.00
background function in Python -0.60
Why is the Python CSV reader ignoring double-quoted fields? +3.41
rough estimate time it takes to do string comparisons Python +3.18
python regex to split on certain patterns with skip patterns -2.90
How can I remove spaces in between HTML tags using BeautifulSoup in... -3.91
Clicking a link based on partial text match 0.00
python csv module error 0.00
Python Multiprocessing queue -3.10
Etsy-like marketplace with Activemerchant? (Rails) 0.00
Tab separated values in awk -0.70
Strip path from filename 0.00
Removing tab delimited spaces from a text file using for loop -1.25
How to set GET parameters with PyCurl? +3.61
How to exit a loop of Python Multiprocessing? 0.00
Python Threading Over a Counter +3.59
Mocking chained calls in Python 0.00
What is the process for using MySQL from Python in Windows? 0.00
Python threading question +3.53
How do I pass a python object using a remote manager? 0.00
Having trouble parsing HTML +3.63
Restart logging to a new file (Python) 0.00
Python: Comparing two CSV files and searching for similar items -0.50
similar images search solution -3.69
is it necessary enough in my boss's django code +3.49
Looking for a good book for Google App Engine Python +3.42
Rails 3 / Ruby error in view : couldn't parse YAML at line 20 colum... +3.60
What is an appropriate way to datamine the total number of results... +4.95
What is the most elegant way to write a text/binary file with c++? +3.50
Tab-delimited file into dictionary (python) +0.33
converting uchar in c++ +1.45
Search in PDF, index it? -3.88
Twitter Stream response for key words 0.00