An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1487.89 (4,445,674th)
161 (531,378th)
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Title Δ
Why doesn't DOM style object set CSS variables directly? +0.50
Write a function that accepts a string and returns a new string wit... +4.21
Is the coding of the CSS incorrect? -3.40
Count the repeats of foreign key of two tables 0.00
Z-index of the pseudo-element of the parent element, of the child e... 0.00
How can I generate SQL query with average score for movie from diff... +4.78
CSS in ASP.NET doesn't work only for `<a>` tag 0.00
JavaScript - Input value undefined -3.94
how can i delete the database that i am in it in mysql? without kno... -4.15
Is there any other way to align two inline-block elements verticall... 0.00
why the .LogIn class,has margin-top that i can not ,change it to sm... +0.01
how to change the background image using javascript and keyword this -0.12
How do I make responsive bg heading tag? 0.00
Javascript Function only working for 1st element -3.68
SQL - SELECT person_name where locations is a specific city -4.00
Why isn't the margin working on this label element? 0.00
How do I resize my menu bar when the screen size changes? +0.03
How to add image to Bootstrap navbar-brand without being a broken i... 0.00
How to target only landscape mobile devices without affecting deskt... -2.34
In ASP.NET save textarea to html without using database 0.00
Not Responsive When Resizing Window, but IS with Google Inspector t... 0.00
How to have text and image in same row using CSS Flexbox? 0.00