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1470.81 (4,391,838th)
28,360 (4,397th)
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Title Δ
Setting VTIMEZONE tags breaks my ICS file 0.00
vCard 4.0 doesn't display correctly, with labels ignored and wr... 0.00
How do I parse a Reader into a Calendar? +0.04
Caldav filter by date-range and property 0.00
ICS file is not adding event in IPhone. Any ideas to add event usin... 0.00
Is it good practice to catch exception or do a null check for Array... +0.04
What happens when a program logs to the console? +0.57
How can I template the vcard with jekyll to be able to save the imp... 0.00
sabre: looping through TEL-property doesn´t provide what expec... -0.45
Extracting name and email information from vcard (*.vcf) file 0.00
Generate ics with dynamic VTIMEZONE using moment js +2.74
Where is the vCard 2.1 specification? +2.07
Store data in Custom Fields or attachment in ics iCal file 0.00
Outlook showing one our difference when using iCalendar with Timezone 0.00
What's VTIMEZONE used for in icalendar? Why not just UTC time? 0.00
Calendar Event In Outlook Cuts Off After New Line 0.00
Displaying vCard photos in Windows Contacts 0.00
ByDay in iCal is not working properly 0.00
ical feed doesn't work after adding mysql 0.00
timezone in .ics file not recognized by outlook generated by iCal4J 0.00
Java issues writing Multi-VCard -0.46
Writing VCS file to vCalender 0.00
Convert Shift_JIS format to UTF-8 format +1.36
How to update ICS calendar meeting? 0.00
Not supported calendar message with PHP 0.00
Using InOrder to verify method calls with List object that changes 0.00
Multiple calendars in one ics file +1.15
Is it possible to generate vcards 2.1 that get arroung the Thunderb... 0.00
Disable ez-vcard PROPID 0.00
iCalender gives error Mismatched 'BEGIN' and 'END'... +1.38
"Content Conversion failed" at Office365 when importing I... 0.00
Operations on rrule from iCal 0.00
How to import vcf file using the android internals built int classes 0.00
Scanning a .ICS file and printing out specific lines to a .CSV. [JA... 0.00
Microsoft outlook daylight saving issue with ical 0.00
How to open Apple calendar automaticly when generating ".ics&q... 0.00
Calculate UTC offset at a given time from VTIMEZONE Block provided... 0.00
How to prepare ics file for google calendar 0.00
Mac Calendar not importing all events from ics file 0.00
Importing VCard file with ez-vcard library for Android 0.00
Possible timezone parsing error in outlook +2.25
What the difference between iCal4j/biweekly and google-rfc-2445? 0.00
contact.vcf Vcard does not seems to be a valid business card. Windo... 0.00
How to cancel existing appointment from yahoo calendar via ics file? 0.00
Google calendar ignores multiline text for ical decription 0.00
How can i export all events from Icalendar to CSV 0.00
How to get VCard Property "Name" with ezvcard 0.00
How to set time zone calendar event? 0.00
iCal not correct time with google calender +0.27
Ical .ics non-readable by Office 365 +0.56