An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Panagiotis Kanavos

1589.72 (2,324th)
60,470 (1,520th)
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Title Δ
find non English characters in python string -0.38
convert string to datetime which handle all different formats in c#... 0.00
System.IO.Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension does not trim a file path +0.37
List Sort how to sort the list 0.00
Why i can't launch Robocopy with Process.Start +0.37
Blazor bootstrap 5 modal: how to not bind a property to value? +0.39
default(T) is null when T is a List 0.00
Extension method not applying LINQ where clause 0.00
Any way to add arrays into HTTP request URI by using C#? 0.00
Is there a technical reason to pass state via a pass-thru callback... 0.00
Cannot run ping inside task? 0.00
Is ASP.NET Core on .NET Framework still supported by Microsoft? -1.92
Use Select and Select many Together in Linq +1.56
Using Parallel.For for searching for minimum/maximum value -0.67
DateAdd side effects? -0.44
AWS Python Lambda Function - Write a UTF-8 encoded CSV to S3 0.00
Close a file after using it with JSON +0.11
Error when migrating WCF service to gRPC service 0.00
BackgroundService QueueHostedService 0.00
Replacing NULLs with 'NA' in a SELECT -1.36
With which versions of .NET is command-line-api compatible? -0.45
Why doesn't IList<T> only inherit from ICollection<T&g... +2.69
How to add declared values to SELECT statement SQL Server -0.62
Deserializes JSON to an object in c# using 0.00
IS NOT NULL AS ... - Convert Query from MySQL to MS-SQL -1.67
Is there a way to skip or continue in Switch expression or does eve... +1.66
What is the best option to convert library projects when using them... +1.26
C# string becoming empty -0.13
How to compile F# in any version on mac? 0.00
Read Json Value from a SQL Server table +1.98
Saving email to the directory with specified file name is not worki... -0.12
In sever restart required after installing .NET Core Runtime and SDK? -0.47
Using TPL Dataflow, how to compose workflow with BatchBlock in the... 0.00
Convert Geometry to Geography against PostGIS with Npgsql and Entit... 0.00
Add member to virtual collection using Entity Framerwork Core 0.00
CwvReader not loading lines starting with # 0.00
How to setup the DI container in a .NET Core console app? +0.38
HttpContent gets disposed between try and catch 0.00
How to make correctly endless console app .NET Core 3.1 for Ubuntu... +2.42
why pandas dataframe -0.999990 to list become -0.9999899999999999,w... 0.00
Count how many times certain words appear in a text with C# -0.22
Why is DbUpdateConcurrencyException thrown? 0.00
Casting to Int returns different value than FloorToInt for positive... 0.00
Convert SID to varbinary 0.00
Having trouble with UseInMemoryDatabase ASP.NET Core 3.1 +0.38
Different behaviour for getting environemnt variable after moving t... 0.00
c# encoding issues with CsvHelper 0.00
Do I need to explicitly rollback transaction if the connection is d... 0.00
List of dynamic and EPPlus LoadFromCollection 0.00
Unable to start .NET Core 3.1 Worker Service on Docker using Serilog 0.00