An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Brian Warshaw

1485.76 (4,465,086th)
14,345 (9,928th)
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Title Δ
Clickable radiobutton text in mvc razor +0.52
Type deduction in C# generics like in C++ templates? 0.00
Binding a TextBoxFor to a value of Dictionary<CultureInfo, strin... +0.02
Removing words from string with regex C# that are in between / +1.24
WebDav HttpRequest Message for COPY. Is it well formed? -1.95
How can I keep the RadioButton text and an additional Label in alig... +0.57
Catch specific exception vs general exception +0.83
extract distinct list of number from a list of strings in C# +0.09
:Visited Links Without Leaving page +0.55
strtotime result makes no sense, php bug? -1.16
Entity 5/6 Model first: do I have to manually map entities? 0.00
Redirecting to a page after ajax post. And then accessing values fr... +0.53
Create a form element in javascript 0.00
JavaScript: Count inputfields in a Div +0.51
trouble with jquery .empty() +0.92
Mysql pagination doesn't return pages, undefined variable 0.00
When link is pressed, how to hide a div using jquery -0.35
Header output being sent too early issue with PHP 5.4 +0.04
c# - \r\n string not working -1.57
Can we make overload methods with same name but having different da... -0.63
position of the try catch statement -0.28
C# Dice Times each number is rolled -0.13
After applying CCITT compression on my Tiff File, it produces an im... 0.00
Pop up window getting closed even when mouse pointer is at the top... 0.00
PHP mail send file.html -0.01
Asynchronous Ajax Logic +2.13
Understanding PHP class hierarchies and casting 0.00
How much bytes of memory are allocated after the following java sta... +0.54
C# - Highlight wrong controls when validating +0.03
Error Establishing Database Connection hell continues +0.02
Using a database to store and get html pages for website +0.12
Error parsing XML string to XDocument 0.00
PHP keys exist in array -0.04
Creating iPhone — mySQL database communication +0.28
Shopping cart promo code rules implementation -0.04
Casting a double as an int, does it round or just strip digits? -0.39
Counter variable in PHP -1.47
What are domain objects and models in PHP? 0.00
Will using ModRewrite cause the web page to refresh? 0.00
is it a good idea to have container class that keeps global data? -0.67
Form only saving when inputs lost focus 0.00
How to read and print out data from mysql in c# +0.04
Error While Reading Web Server Content of URL -0.02
nhibernate and mysql database 0.00
Does C# have array with index is a string like PHP? +0.76
Falling through switch statement (works sometimes?) -0.77
Passing a form as a reference into a class, but where should I call... -1.83
Chained PHP controls +0.51
Datetime format in MVC 0.00
How create substring when i know first and last characters in the s... +1.34