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John Bode

1493.08 (4,218,300th)
87,841 (904th)
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Title Δ
Why is the function return in C a statement? 0.00
Custom Malloc() Function :: What Does this Syntax Mean? 0.00
How to make static array point to NULL 0.00
Does C++ include C99 or C89? 0.00
About printf function and postfix increment operator (i++) in while... 0.00
Is pointer difference between two arrays defined on specific implem... 0.00
How to pass array of char arrays to function by reference? 0.00
why printf inside in the for loop can anybody explain me? 0.00
Allocating a pointer with calloc, and then dynamically allocate eac... 0.00
Passing array by ref causes compiler warnings - How to use pointer-... 0.00
Which expression is the double pointer variable that always has the... 0.00
Why do we use malloc or calloc when we have a simpler code in c? 0.00
Pointing to a variable using pointers in c-segmentation fault 0.00
what is the explaination of the output of the given program 0.00
Why is it not allowed to initialize a struct member in the global (... 0.00
Back then, were char variables in C declared as unsigned by default? 0.00
Is there a way to create copies of variables so that the original v... 0.00
Uninitialized pointer in C is surprisingly working in MinGW 0.00
Trying to print structure variable without dot operator 0.00
Why do we only include header files but not source files? 0.00
How can i fix this " expected expression before ']' &q... 0.00
C- void pointers 0.00
Can arrays store multiple values in a single index in C? 0.00
Casting pointer syntax (to an array address like a smaller sized ar... 0.00
Pass by reference or value for 2D pointer array 0.00
What if I replace all the %X to %p in printf method 0.00
A way to efficiently parse function pointer declaration syntax 0.00
What is a node in C? 0.00
Weird characters at the end of char array C 0.00
Is sizeof(long) == sizeof(void*)? 0.00
How to print null terminating character \0 for a pointer 0.00
Printing the values of multidimensional arrays 0.00
How to access second member of struct via pointer? 0.00
Should I pass an int array to a function by reference? 0.00
Why Struct name is not a pointer in C? 0.00
Is it possible to define any size array in a C function call? 0.00
How to use calloc? 0.00
How is a string declared as a parameter to a function in c? 0.00
C Programming: Why printf Format Specifier %s Is Invalid For The Nu... 0.00
How To Invoke Variables To Specify Format Of printf In C Programming 0.00
typedef - Typedef without curly braces 0.00
malloc function return pointer to an array right? 0.00
How to printf a vector in C 0.00
Meaning of references, address-of, dereference and pointer 0.00
How to join characters? 0.00
What are the advantages of command line arguments in C? 0.00
Const data modification in C 0.00
What's wrong with my code? CS50 Pset2: Readability 0.00
Is It Possible to Limit a Datatype Range in C 0.00
Difference between using enum and int variables in C 0.00