An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1610.34 (1,389th)
198,224 (240th)
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Title Δ
Thread in user-space schedulling dilemma 0.00
socket descriptor per thread 0.00
how can i make this bruteforce algorithm multithreaded? 0.00
Weird Multidimensional Array Values After Exiting Loop +1.34
why should we bind a key to a memory block by pthread_setspecific r... 0.00
Why do most linked list looping macros in the kernel skip the first... -1.27
Using mutexes in signal handers 0.00
Execute a task cyclic using posix threads +1.10
printf is producing the segmentation fault? 0.00
Is there a way to lock the linux scheduler on a particular pthread? 0.00
Trying to understand pthread_cond_signal() 0.00
Under what conditions should a program use POSIX sleep? +0.34
Adding DEFINE_WAIT fails to compile in linux module 0.00
How to get parent thread name from current in linux kernel 0.00
Function pointer assignment -0.11
Do we need to call set_current_state(TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE) before cal... 0.00
Storing string inside a C struct +1.14
In pthread_cond_wait() , why it unlock the mutex when it makes call... -0.10
Is a mutex necessary when waiting on a condition variable? [w/ exam... 0.00
Branchless way to map 0 to any nonzero value while leaving other va... 0.00
Removing nodes from a Doubly linked list correctly 0.00
Which synchronization model to use for multiple threads waiting for... -0.86
Simple floating point multiplication not giving expected result -0.45
Tim Newsham format string exploit 0.00
Best way to move 8 bits into 8 individual bytes -2.13
Using getchar in C +0.35
How to insert string into a string by C the better way? 0.00
force linux kernel to run code without preempting 0.00
Best practice for waiting for events on multiple threads in Linux (... 0.00
What is the Purpose of argument in pthread_exit? 0.00
Why is Valgrind finding errors in this hash table test case? 0.00
If two threads call the same function, but all the variables in the... +1.50
When to wake up writer in reader-writer problem? before releasing m... 0.00
Given a 32 bit number, what is an efficient way to scale each byte... -0.86
Why use wake_up_all() and not wake_up_interruptible()? 0.00
Pthreads stack priority 0.00
How to change mutex in pthread_cont_wait 0.00
Conversion of old init_timer in new linux kernel 0.00
GCC typeof extension and math on typeof result 0.00
Are locked pages inherited by pthreads? 0.00
How to access thread_info from user space 0.00
How to run bar() inside foo() if bar() and foo() are mutually exclu... +1.14
it seems disable_irq can't really mask the interrupt 0.00
How to write to a tty from kernel space with only major and minor d... 0.00
Does read/write blocked system call put the process in TASK_UNINTER... 0.00
joining a thread: "resource deadlock avoided" 0.00
Executing an ELF in Linux kernel with workqueue or kthread 0.00
Do I need to set mutexlock/unlock when setting buffer and calling p... 0.00
Is implementing semaphore or mutex necessary for simple counter? 0.00
pthread_rwlock_destroy of a locked mutex 0.00