An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1378.45 (4,409,265th)
33,249 (3,545th)
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Title Δ
Selecting and updating a table simultaneously in oracle 0.00
How to Compare two files using AWK or GREP -1.12
OTL problem with oracle with clause and function in it in C++ 0.00
remove last delimiter in sed/awk/perl 0.00
How to extract a specific data/string between two backslash in a js... 0.00
How to select the content in different column in a file with linux... -0.54
awk to split field twice using two deliminator with condition -0.92
Access repeated value in a string using perl 0.00
awk regex filter middle string 0.00
C++ Pass an array to a function and read its members -0.76
grep strings from all files in directory - Not exact match 0.00
how to replace one group of strings in one file with another group... +1.18
storing split string into array using awk -0.38
Bash - extract block of lines given keywords +0.15
Remove double quotes from txt file -0.61
How to zgrep multiple string +0.82
remove whole line from file with 2 column from a text file with 1 c... +0.66
merge two files in shell like paste command +0.75
getting values with system() in C 0.00
Remove all but few specific pattern of files in Linux 0.00
joining two csv files based on a column +0.51
How to tell sed to make changes only to 1st column of an output +0.33
Wait accurate for 20 millisec -0.92
sed: replace values in a single column -0.99
How to insert line of pattern match in the next line? +2.19
Can I force C++ library to use single thread? -1.25
Compare different fields on consecutive lines -0.62
sed: delete everything that starts with $p, but not just $p -0.17
Numbering multi-line records continuously in a list -1.09
Filtering a file +0.25
Replacing irregular number of slashes (/) using sed +1.13
Grep specific part of string from another file +2.02
How to convert multiple strings into the same char array? +0.36
Remove Duplicates from Multiple files with Awk or similar -1.18
Why does this program run the way it does? -0.30
bash - awk padding a hex number with zeroes +0.35
Awk search pattern with forward slash as complemented bracket expre... +0.26
How to know file name from a pipeline of commands -0.03
Match a string in a file and print entire value using sed or awk -0.92
how to put | between content lines of a text file? -0.44
BASH | get text between brackets -0.54
How to preserve leading tabs in AWK when stripping empty lines? -0.43
Determine unique values across multiple sets +0.16
Removing space from string with regex +0.20
Check if file is contained in another file -0.30
Comparing line by line +0.13
Regex: how to remove optional suffix -1.53
To remove character from Perl Regex -0.47
Regex to club consecutive lines? -0.32
awk to print 3 lines above match until second match +1.00